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Postal Code 010400, China - Map and Information

Area Codes457470471472More
Local TimeMonday 9:21 AM
TimezoneAustralian Western Standard Time
Coordinates39.61103° / 110.91304°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/21/158:34 AM4.570.2 km10,530 m17km ENE of Tianjiao, Chinausgs.gov
9/15/142:24 AM4.175 km10,000 m59km W of Dongguan, Chinausgs.gov
9/15/142:23 AM465.4 km10,000 m22km W of Dongguan, Chinausgs.gov
6/24/144:31 PM496.4 km10,000 m20km SSE of Altan Xiret, Chinausgs.gov
6/18/147:30 PM4.272.7 km10,070 m45km W of Dongguan, Chinausgs.gov
7/22/132:40 AM4.493.5 km9,900 mShaanxi-Shanxi border region, Chinausgs.gov
11/22/126:24 AM472.4 km10,000 mNei Mongol-Shaanxi border region, Chinausgs.gov
6/17/129:31 PM4.375.6 km10,000 mShaanxi-Shanxi border region, Chinausgs.gov
5/8/129:00 PM4.397.6 km22,100 mShaanxi-Shanxi border region, Chinausgs.gov
1/25/1210:37 AM4.368 km10,000 mNei Mongol-Shaanxi border region, Chinausgs.gov

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