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Postal Code 050066 - Hebei

Area Codes310311312313More
Local TimeSaturday 4:32 AM
TimezoneAustralian Western Standard Time
Coordinates38.095384250667735° / 114.47040528573577°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/21/0212:34 PM4.876 km25,700 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
6/26/937:36 AM4.478 km33,000 mShanxi-Hebei border region, Chinausgs.gov
6/23/928:55 PM3.599.3 km33,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
12/13/898:13 PM3.884.6 km33,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
3/20/873:00 PM4.318.6 km29,700 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
2/5/834:05 PM4.475 km33,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
1/26/821:47 AM4.685.6 km33,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
6/6/745:30 AM4.869.6 km33,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
3/28/6610:12 PM690.9 km20,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
3/26/6610:14 AM5.964.1 km20,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov

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