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Postal Code 063507 - Xugezhuang, Hebei

Primary CityXugezhuang
Local TimeFriday 4:04 AM
TimezoneAustralian Western Standard Time
Coordinates39.34014° / 118.51682°
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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/10/163:09 AM4.538.1 km13,800 m11km E of Tangshan, Chinausgs.gov
9/14/153:10 AM4.535.8 km10,000 m29km ESE of Linxi, Chinausgs.gov
5/27/127:22 PM4.741.1 km15,200 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
4/9/103:51 AM4.143.9 km10,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
3/5/107:00 PM4.639.2 km10,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
5/3/067:02 AM4.139.1 km10,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
4/13/987:47 PM4.640.7 km33,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
2/28/974:43 AM3.540.9 km33,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
10/5/953:26 PM4.537.4 km33,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov
9/19/959:25 AM438.6 km10,000 mHebei, Chinausgs.gov

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