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Postal Code 130207 - Jilin

Area Codes421431432433More
Local TimeSunday 1:33 AM
TimezoneAustralian Western Standard Time
Coordinates44.424606805951875° / 125.23795922569397°
Related Postal Codes130200130201130202130203130204130205

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/17/193:24 PM4.899.8 km16,530 m16km W of Fuyu, Chinausgs.gov
2/16/152:28 PM4.493.5 km14,760 m38km N of Changling, Chinausgs.gov
5/27/1412:52 AM4.393.9 km14,410 m36km S of Qian'an, Chinausgs.gov
11/22/132:32 PM4.988.8 km14,400 m38km NNE of Changling, Chinausgs.gov
11/22/132:04 PM5.387.3 km10,000 m39km NNE of Changling, Chinausgs.gov
11/22/1312:18 AM4.993.4 km17,140 m38km S of Qian'an, Chinausgs.gov
11/8/133:37 AM4.690.4 km14,460 m36km SSE of Qian'an, Chinausgs.gov
11/3/1311:17 AM485.5 km19,250 m42km SSE of Qian'an, Chinausgs.gov
11/2/139:26 PM4.793 km10,740 m30km SSE of Qian'an, Chinausgs.gov
10/30/138:10 PM4.797.2 km10,500 m30km S of Qian'an, Chinausgs.gov

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