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Postal Code 530115 - Guangxi

Area Codes770771772773More
Local TimeFriday 6:45 PM
TimezoneAustralian Western Standard Time
Coordinates23.43609° / 108.3721°
Related Postal Codes530108530109530111530112530113530114

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/30/179:33 AM4.453.3 km10,000 m25km S of Xincheng Chengguanzhen, Chinausgs.gov
10/23/139:17 AM4.496.5 km14,410 m45km SE of Bama, Chinausgs.gov
10/27/054:18 AM4.261.5 km10,000 mGuangxi, Chinausgs.gov
2/9/9310:25 AM4.138.5 km10,000 mGuangxi, Chinausgs.gov
2/5/935:54 AM440.7 km10,000 mGuangxi, Chinausgs.gov
12/12/9211:59 PM4.357 km33,000 mGuangxi, Chinausgs.gov
10/18/777:44 PM5.182.8 km33,000 mGuangxi, Chinausgs.gov