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Postal Code 860000 - Bayi Subdistrict, Tibet Autonomous Region

Primary CityBayi Subdistrict
NeighborhoodsBayi Qu
Local TimeSaturday 12:36 PM
TimezoneAustralian Western Standard Time
Coordinates29.649933052873866° / 94.3591875874067°
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Business Distribution by neighborhood in 860000
 Bayi Qu: 53.3%
 Bayi: 13.3%
 Pǔdōng: 6.7%
 Xúhuì: 6.7%
 Wǔ dàokǒu: 6.7%
 Haidian: 6.7%
 Bayi Qu, Bayi Zhen: 6.7%

Business Concentration in Postal Code 860000

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Business Distribution by Industry
 Hotels & Travel: 67.9%
 Postal Services: 7.5%
 Restaurants: 7.5%
 Sports & Activities: 5.7%
 Financial Services: 3.8%
 Industry: 3.8%
 Shopping: 3.8%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/3/189:59 AM4.167.9 km25,590 m69km NE of Nyingchi,
12/10/171:37 PM4.575.8 km24,120 m66km W of Zhamog,
11/18/171:24 PM4.468.3 km10,000 m63km NNW of Motuo,
11/17/179:59 PM4.273.9 km10,000 m74km WNW of Zhamog,
11/17/174:32 PM5.159.6 km10,000 m63km NE of Nyingchi,
11/17/172:34 PM6.463.7 km8,000 m64km ENE of Nyingchi,
7/30/164:58 AM4.172 km28,230 m57km SSE of Nyingchi,
2/24/137:16 AM465.8 km35,000 m68km NE of Nyingchi,
8/15/129:46 PM4.278.3 km15,500 meastern
3/19/1210:46 AM4.755.3 km35,000 meastern Xizang-India border

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Primary City

Bayi is a subdistrict in Tibet and seat of Bayi District. It lies on the Nyang River at an altitude of 2994 metres (9826 feet). Bayi is an important timber and wool producing town, known historically before the 1960s as Lhabagar. By road it is 405 ki..  ︎  Bayi Subdistrict Wikipedia Page


Percentage of businesses by city in 860000
 Beijing: 33.3%
 Shanghai: 33.3%
 Lanzhou: 16.7%
 Shenzhen: 16.7%