28 Postal Codes in Jilin City

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TimezoneChina Time
Area27,166.4 km²
Population212,915 (More Details)
Male Population105,764 (49.7%)
Female Population107,151 (50.3%)
Median Age41.2
Postal Codes132000, 132001, 132002 (25 more)
Area Code432

28 Postal Codes in Jilin City

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
132000Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132001Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132002Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132011Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132012Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132013Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132021Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132022Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132101Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132102Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132103Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132104Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132105Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132106Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132107Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132200Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132204Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132205Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132207Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132208Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132209Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132211Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132219Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132221Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132225Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132226Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132227Jilin CityJilin1,881,977
132228Jilin CityJilin1,881,977

Jilin City Demographic Information

Population Density7.84 / km²
Male Population105,764 (49.7%)
Female Population107,151 (50.3%)
Median Age41.2
Male Median Age40.7
Female Median Age41.6
Businesses in Jilin City391
Population (1975)194,866
Population (2000)225,967
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +9.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -5.8%

Jilin City

Jilin City (postal: Kirin; Chinese: 吉林市; pinyin: Jílín Shì; Wade–Giles: Chi2-lin2 Shih4) Is the second-largest city and former capital of Jilin province in Northeast China. As of the 2010 census, 4,413,517 people resided within its administrative are..  ︎  Jilin City Wikipedia Page