1 Postal Code in Minle County

TimezoneChina Time
Postal Code734500

1 Postal Code in Minle County, Gansu

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
734500Minle CountyGansu

Minle County

Minle County (simplified Chinese: 民乐县; traditional Chinese: 民樂縣; pinyin: Mínlè Xiàn) is an administrative district in Gansu, the People's Republic of China. It is one of 58 counties of Gansu. It is part of the Zhangye prefecture, with the city of the..  ︎  Minle County Wikipedia Page

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CityAdministrative RegionCountry Or RegionCity PopulationPostal Codes
Minqin CountyGansuChina733300
Yongchang CountyGansuChina737200