1 Postal Code in Xinghe County

TimezoneChina Time
Postal Code013650

1 Postal Code in Xinghe County, Inner Mongolia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
013650Xinghe CountyInner Mongolia

Xinghe County

Xinghe County (Mongolian: ᠰᠢᠩᠾᠧ ᠰᠢᠶᠠᠨ Siŋhė siyan; simplified Chinese: 兴和县; traditional Chinese: 興和縣; pinyin: Xīnghé Xiàn) is a county of south-central Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China, bordering the provinces of Hebei to the east and Shanx..  ︎  Xinghe County Wikipedia Page

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CityAdministrative RegionCountry Or RegionCity PopulationPostal Codes
Chahar Right Front BannerInner MongoliaChina012200012205
ErtaiziInner MongoliaChina013661
FengzhenInner MongoliaChina72,4444841012100
Zhangbei, HebeiHebeiChina076450