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The average area for zip codes in Colombia is 411.3 km² with the largest being 184019 in Departamento del Caquetá at 42,535.9 km² and the smallest being 913050 in Puerto Alegría, Amazonas at 49,840 m². In Colombia the average population for a postal code is 13,099 with the most populated being zip code 111611 in Bogotá, Distrito Capital de Bogota at 271,381. The median age for postal codes in Colombia range from 17.7 years old for 991037 in Departamento del Vichada to 28.1 years old for 633008 in Montenegro, Quindío Department. The fastest growing postal code is 856058 in Recetor, Departamento de Casanare with population growth of 10,590.2% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 36.5% per year.

TimezoneColombia Time
Area14,148 km²
Population47.8 million
Population Density3,377 / km²
Postal Codes000000, 050001, 050002 (3,682 more)
Area Codes1, 2, 300 (20 more)
Businesses in Colombia615,159

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
050001 - 057878Antioquia Department383
080001 - 085068Atlántico Department80
110001 - 112041Bogotá81
130001 - 135067Bolívar Department140
150001 - 155219Boyacá Department292
170001 - 178057Caldas Department81
180001 - 186078Caquetá Department61
190001 - 196068Cauca Department193
200001 - 205078Cesar Department76
230001 - 235048Córdoba Department125
250001 - 254057Cundinamarca Department309
270001 - 278058Chocó Department90
410001 - 418077Huila Department123
440001 - 446017La Guajira Department64
470001 - 478067Magdalena Department96
500001 - 507058Meta Department98
520001 - 528568Nariño Department230
540001 - 548058Norte de Santander Department125
630001 - 634027Quindío Department33
660001 - 664048Risaralda Department53
680001 - 687587Santander Department284
700001 - 707057Sucre Department74
730001 - 735589Tolima Department150
760001 - 764517Valle del Cauca Department168
810001 - 816019Arauca Department24
850001 - 856058Casanare Department69
860001 - 864009Putumayo Department37
880001 - 880028Archipelago of San Andrés6
910001 - 917018Amazonas Department31
940001 - 944059Guainía Department34
950001 - 953018Guaviare Department20
970001 - 973048Vaupés Department17
990001 - 995009Vichada Department35

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3,685 Postal Codes in Colombia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
050001MedellínAntioquia Department46,8931.658 km²
050002MedellínAntioquia Department58,3822.083 km²
050003MedellínAntioquia Department52,8561.683 km²
050004MedellínAntioquia Department60,6701.631 km²
050005MedellínAntioquia Department57,2322.767 km²
050006MedellínAntioquia Department41,0731.428 km²
050007MedellínAntioquia Department6,93527.8 km²
050010MedellínAntioquia Department102,5643.417 km²
050011MedellínAntioquia Department70,7842.871 km²
050012MedellínAntioquia Department92,1572.767 km²
050013MedellínAntioquia Department98,3513.701 km²
050014MedellínAntioquia Department47,5562.445 km²
050015MedellínAntioquia Department66,5792.201 km²
050016MedellínAntioquia Department69,6352.938 km²
050017MedellínAntioquia Department6,97530.4 km²
050018MedellínAntioquia Department5,82811.7 km²
050020MedellínAntioquia Department48,0282.842 km²
050021MedellínAntioquia Department124,0508.2 km²
050022MedellínAntioquia Department111,2348.6 km²
050023MedellínAntioquia Department70,8934.404 km²
050024MedellínAntioquia Department110,4585 km²
050025MedellínAntioquia Department38,1191.711 km²
050026MedellínAntioquia Department58,1032.829 km²
050027MedellínAntioquia Department13,12414.4 km²
050028MedellínAntioquia Department5,9997.4 km²
050029MedellínAntioquia Department39,11856.7 km²
050030MedellínAntioquia Department85,2503.143 km²
050031MedellínAntioquia Department120,8033.592 km²
050032MedellínAntioquia Department119,4684.525 km²
050033MedellínAntioquia Department71,7513.637 km²
050034MedellínAntioquia Department132,8297.1 km²
050035MedellínAntioquia Department79,1504.262 km²
050036MedellínAntioquia Department43,2324.366 km²
050037MedellínAntioquia Department14,19131.9 km²
050040MedellínAntioquia Department53,8042.271 km²
050041MedellínAntioquia Department61,1902.803 km²
050042MedellínAntioquia Department53,2862.531 km²
050043MedellínAntioquia Department29,7731.789 km²
050044MedellínAntioquia Department64,1002.756 km²
050047MedellínAntioquia Department13,08425.4 km²
050048MedellínAntioquia Department1,42058.6 km²
051010San Pedro de los MilagrosAntioquia Department13,6021.935 km²
051017San Pedro de los MilagrosAntioquia Department10,620218.7 km²
051020Barbosa, AntioquiaAntioquia Department31,8142.545 km²
051027Barbosa, AntioquiaAntioquia Department8,61093 km²
051028Barbosa, AntioquiaAntioquia Department6,119110.2 km²
051030GirardotaAntioquia Department26,4353.918 km²
051037GirardotaAntioquia Department15,94833.9 km²
051038GirardotaAntioquia Department4,11541.3 km²
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