34 Postal Codes in Guainía Department

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TimezoneColombia Time
Area72,238 km²
Population69,484 (More Details)
Male Population36,444 (52.4%)
Female Population33,040 (47.6%)
Median Age18.3
Postal Codes940001, 940007, 940008 (31 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
942010 - 942018San Felipe, Guainía2

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34 Postal Codes in Guainía Department

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
940001Inírida, GuainíaGuainía Department27,12615,749.3 km²
940007Inírida, GuainíaGuainía Department6,8152,063.3 km²
940008Guainía Department1,027.9 km²
940009Guainía Department1231,395.4 km²
940017Guainía Department1111,356.5 km²
940018Guainía Department1,6411,031.5 km²
940019Guainía Department412,434.1 km²
940027Guainía Department3103,325.3 km²
940028Guainía Department1223,190.5 km²
941010Guainía Department2,370.5 km²
941017Guainía Department3,1951,248 km²
941018Guainía Department1,025 km²
941037Guainía Department1,62915,617.8 km²
941038Guainía Department7491,780.3 km²
941039Guainía Department6,1075,082.6 km²
941047Guainía Department2,520.9 km²
942010San Felipe, GuainíaGuainía Department2,998.1 km²
942017Guainía Department1,616.5 km²
942018San Felipe, GuainíaGuainía Department181,411.7 km²
942057Guainía Department4931,321.3 km²
943017Guainía Department73,087.6 km²
943018Guainía Department4,3409,861.3 km²
943019Guainía Department911,696 km²
943057Guainía Department1,660.7 km²
943058Guainía Department8,498.7 km²
943059Guainía Department1932,683.6 km²
943067Guainía Department3522,012.7 km²
944010Guainía Department4,2109,430.5 km²
944017Guainía Department2,165 km²
944018Guainía Department4,728.5 km²
944019Guainía Department3,9232,569.6 km²
944057Guainía Department1,85810,213.1 km²
944058Guainía Department1,8911,552.2 km²
944059Guainía Department1,5951,584.2 km²

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Guainía Department Demographic Information

Population Density0.96 / km²
Male Population36,444 (52.4%)
Female Population33,040 (47.6%)
Median Age18.3
Male Median Age18.5
Female Median Age18
Businesses in Guainía Department26
Population (1975)3,439
Population (2000)25,388
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +1,920.5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +173.7%

Guainía Department

Guainía (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡwaiˈni.a]; Yuri language: Land of many waters) is a department of Colombia. It is in the east of the country, bordering Venezuela and Brazil. Its capital is Inírida. In 1963 Guainía was split off from Vaupés departme..  ︎  Guainía Department Wikipedia Page