37 Postal Codes in Putumayo Department

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TimezoneColombia Time
Area24,885 km²
Population394,018 (More Details)
Male Population201,420 (51.1%)
Female Population192,598 (48.9%)
Median Age20.1
Postal Codes860001, 860007, 860008 (34 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
860001 - 860008Mocoa3
861001 - 861008San Francisco, Putumayo3
861060 - 861068Santiago, Putumayo3
861080 - 861088Villagarzón2
862001 - 862008Orito3
862020 - 862028Valle del Guamuez3
862060 - 862068Puerto Asís3

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37 Postal Codes in Putumayo Department

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
860001MocoaPutumayo Department31,1872.953 km²
860007MocoaPutumayo Department10,864953.3 km²
860008MocoaPutumayo Department7,172388.2 km²
861001San Francisco, PutumayoPutumayo Department3,7978 km²
861007San Francisco, PutumayoPutumayo Department1,935369.3 km²
861008San Francisco, PutumayoPutumayo Department857226.1 km²
861020SibundoyPutumayo Department11,1315.2 km²
861027SibundoyPutumayo Department6,266109.1 km²
861040Colón, PutumayoPutumayo Department5,6161.845 km²
861047Colón, PutumayoPutumayo Department82490.6 km²
861060Santiago, PutumayoPutumayo Department8,8415.5 km²
861067Santiago, PutumayoPutumayo Department3,437415.5 km²
861068Santiago, PutumayoPutumayo Department1229.9 km²
861080Villa GarzónPutumayo Department11,6152.716 km²
861087Villa GarzónPutumayo Department9,282601.4 km²
861088VillagarzónPutumayo Department229756.5 km²
862001OritoPutumayo Department19,6648.6 km²
862007OritoPutumayo Department20,3771,039.8 km²
862008OritoPutumayo Department23,086814.9 km²
862020Valle del GuamuezPutumayo Department31,1083.606 km²
862027Valle del GuamuezPutumayo Department25,772405.5 km²
862028Valle del GuamuezPutumayo Department8,817599.5 km²
862040San Miguel, PutumayoPutumayo Department3,0041.157 km²
862047San Miguel, PutumayoPutumayo Department29,201382.8 km²
862060Puerto AsísPutumayo Department56,3188 km²
862067Puerto AsísPutumayo Department6,765886.8 km²
862068Puerto AsísPutumayo Department5,021650.6 km²
862069Putumayo Department1,198.9 km²
862080Puerto CaicedoPutumayo Department6,9286 km²
862087Puerto CaicedoPutumayo Department8,467838.4 km²
863001Puerto GuzmánPutumayo Department5,4980.377 km²
863007Putumayo Department15,6624,418.7 km²
863008Putumayo Department3,3332,098.5 km²
864001Puerto LeguízamoPutumayo Department2920.68 km²
864007Putumayo Department1,5095,200.7 km²
864008Putumayo Department2,458.7 km²
864009Putumayo Department9,7953,052.6 km²

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Putumayo Department Demographic Information

Population Density15.8 / km²
Male Population201,420 (51.1%)
Female Population192,598 (48.9%)
Median Age20.1
Male Median Age20.2
Female Median Age19.9
Businesses in Putumayo Department948
Population (1975)117,573
Population (2000)271,911
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +235.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +44.9%

Putumayo Department

Putumayo is a department of Colombia. It is in the south-west of the country, bordering Ecuador and Peru. Its capital is Mocoa. word putumayo comes from the Quechua languages. The verb p'utuy means "to spring forth" or "to burst out", and mayu means..  ︎  Putumayo Department Wikipedia Page