33 Postal Codes in Quindío Department

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TimezoneColombia Time
Area1,845 km²
Population560,407 (More Details)
Male Population275,236 (49.1%)
Female Population285,172 (50.9%)
Median Age28
Postal Codes630001, 630002, 630003 (30 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
630001 - 630008Armenia6
631001 - 631008Circasia, Quindío3
631020 - 631028Salento, Quindío3
632001 - 632008Calarcá3
633001 - 633008Montenegro3
634001 - 634008Filandia, Quindío3

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33 Postal Codes in Quindío Department

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
630001Armenia, ColombiaQuindío Department126,0358.7 km²
630002Armenia, ColombiaQuindío Department88,9724.843 km²
630003Armenia, ColombiaQuindío Department64,0145 km²
630004Armenia, ColombiaQuindío Department5,3278.9 km²
630007Armenia, ColombiaQuindío Department9,17741 km²
630008Armenia, ColombiaQuindío Department4,10147.7 km²
631001Circasia, QuindíoQuindío Department17,7692.308 km²
631007Circasia, QuindíoQuindío Department6,79557.6 km²
631008Circasia, QuindíoQuindío Department4,51733.7 km²
631020Salento, QuindíoQuindío Department5,3112.09 km²
631027Salento, QuindíoQuindío Department1,259128.3 km²
631028Salento, QuindíoQuindío Department1,144220.1 km²
632001CalarcáQuindío Department64,3568.5 km²
632007CalarcáQuindío Department12,11393.2 km²
632008CalarcáQuindío Department972120.8 km²
632020Córdoba, QuindíoQuindío Department2,60687.3 km²
632027Córdoba, QuindíoQuindío Department2,09293 km²
632040Buenavista, QuindíoQuindío Department5200.361 km²
632047Buenavista, QuindíoQuindío Department1,65238.9 km²
632060Pijao, QuindíoQuindío Department4,04699.2 km²
632067Pijao, QuindíoQuindío Department1,195248.4 km²
632080Quindío Department4,91362.7 km²
632087Quindío Department3,522294.1 km²
633001MontenegroQuindío Department33,5413.334 km²
633007MontenegroQuindío Department4,99896.2 km²
633008MontenegroQuindío Department1,52759.4 km²
633020La Tebaida, QuindíoQuindío Department37,5749.5 km²
633027La Tebaida, QuindíoQuindío Department4,79687.4 km²
634001Filandia, QuindíoQuindío Department10,0901.423 km²
634007Filandia, QuindíoQuindío Department2,07164.6 km²
634008Filandia, QuindíoQuindío Department49440.5 km²
634020Quimbaya, QuindíoQuindío Department28,0772.505 km²
634027Quimbaya, QuindíoQuindío Department4,773130.2 km²

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Quindío Department Demographic Information

Population Density303.7 / km²
Male Population275,236 (49.1%)
Female Population285,172 (50.9%)
Median Age28
Male Median Age27.1
Female Median Age28.9
Businesses in Quindío Department6,596
Population (1975)329,168
Population (2000)516,769
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +70.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +8.4%

Quindío Department

Quindío (Spanish pronunciation: [kinˈdi.o]) is a department of Colombia. It is in the western central region of the country, crossed by the Andes mountains. Its capital is Armenia. It is famous for the quality of the coffee plantations, colorful arch..  ︎  Quindío Department Wikipedia Page