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The average area for zip codes in Costa Rica is 109.1 km² with the largest being 70404 in Provincia de Limón at 2,220.3 km² and the smallest being 10802 in San Francisco de Dos Ríos, Provincia de San José at 0.556 km². In Costa Rica the average population for a postal code is 10,226 with the most populated being zip code 10109 in Pavas, Provincia de San José at 71,579. The average population density for a postal code in Costa Rica is 1,274 / km² with the densest being zip code 11304 in Provincia de San José at 13,774 / km². The median age for postal codes in Costa Rica range from 18.0 years old for 30512 in Turrialba, Provincia de Cartago to 38.2 years old for 10101 in Mata de Plátano, Provincia de Cartago. The fastest growing postal code is 61101 in Jacó, Provincia de Puntarenas with population growth of 141.4% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 6.1% per year.

TimezoneCentral Time
Area5,100 km²
Population4.5 million
Population Density885.5 / km²
Postal Codes00000, 00011, 08000 (473 more)
Businesses in Costa Rica149,509

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
08000 - 20102San José Province121
20101 - 21504Alajuela Province113
30101 - 30804Cartago Province54
40101 - 41005Heredia Province46
50101 - 51104Guanacaste Province59
60101 - 61102Puntarenas Province56
70101 - 70605Limón Province28

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476 Postal Codes in Costa Rica

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
00000AtenasAlajuela Province
00011Alajuela Province
08000San Isidro de El GeneralSan José Province
10101Mata de PlátanoCartago Province4,4911.498 km²
10102San José, Costa RicaSan José Province12,1612.206 km²
10103San José, Costa RicaSan José Province19,2513.35 km²
10104San José, Costa RicaSan José Province13,5032.372 km²
10105ZapoteSan José Province19,4492.814 km²
10106San Francisco de Dos RíosSan José Province22,4912.655 km²
10107San José, Costa RicaSan José Province37,5098.3 km²
10108San José, Costa RicaSan José Province11,1253.878 km²
10109PavasSan José Province71,5799.4 km²
10110HatilloSan José Province52,3604.414 km²
10111San SebastiánSan José Province40,6923.958 km²
10201Escazú, Costa RicaSan José Province12,7124.501 km²
10202San José Province24,30917.1 km²
10203San RafaelSan José Province25,89512.9 km²
10301DesamparadosSan José Province34,2443.302 km²
10302San MiguelSan José Province33,84921.4 km²
10303San Juan de DiosSan José Province22,7432.971 km²
10304San Rafael ArribaSan José Province21,1163.242 km²
10305San José Province10,4482.068 km²
10306San José Province4,12819.6 km²
10307PatarráSan José Province15,13316.1 km²
10308San José Province4,72025.3 km²
10309San José Province3,54415 km²
10310San José Province12,7772.569 km²
10311San José Province23,4091.984 km²
10312San José Province16,8162.951 km²
10313San José Province25,9773.042 km²
10401Santiago de PuriscalSan José Province12,77434.6 km²
10402San José Province6,342183.4 km²
10403San José Province4,14818.7 km²
10404San José Province1,29026.3 km²
10405San Rafael AbajoSan José Province1,78815.4 km²
10406San José Province1,48824.8 km²
10407Santiago de PuriscalSan José Province7537.1 km²
10408San José Province4,68314.6 km²
10409San José Province3,427231 km²
10501San Marcos, Costa RicaSan José Province11,43445.8 km²
10502San José Province4,887185.1 km²
10503San José Province2,01559 km²
10601San José Province30,57415.1 km²
10602San José Province1,84815.1 km²
10603San José Province6,68822.2 km²
10604UrucaSan José Province6,79811.7 km²
10605San José Province1,14980.9 km²
10606UrucaSan José Province5528.4 km²
10607SalitrillosSan José Province15,19614.3 km²
10701ColónHeredia Province18,45963.1 km²
10702San Rafael AbajoSan José Province5,18310.7 km²
10703PalmichalSan José Province5,61648 km²
10704San José Province41014.9 km²
10705San José Province63327.1 km²
10801Guadalupe, Costa RicaSan José Province18,5842.393 km²
10802San Francisco de Dos RíosSan José Province2,8430.556 km²
10803Calle BlancosSan José Province21,0772.35 km²
10804Mata de PlátanoCartago Province19,1797.8 km²
10805IpísSan José Province24,5342.378 km²
10806San José Province2,51713.2 km²
10807PurralSan José Province27,6223.248 km²
10901Santa Ana, Costa RicaSan José Province12,8005.4 km²
10902SalitralSan José Province4,90020.1 km²
10903Santa Ana, Costa RicaSan José Province20,81513.4 km²
10904Santa Ana, Costa RicaSan José Province8,3027.1 km²
10905Santa Ana, Costa RicaSan José Province9,76712 km²
10906Santa Ana, Costa RicaSan José Province3,1903.199 km²
11001Alajuelita (canton)San José Province12,6241.302 km²
11002San José, Costa RicaSan José Province11,2642.137 km²
11003San José Province6,14710.3 km²
11004San José Province18,3442.675 km²
11005San FelipeSan José Province36,0815.1 km²
11101San José Province20,0595.2 km²
11102San José Province7,84616.9 km²
11103San José Province11,63067.2 km²
11104San José Province20,7851.949 km²
11105San José Province6,848132.3 km²
11201San IgnacioSan José Province10,50722.7 km²
11202Guaitil DistrictSan José Province2,43743.6 km²
11203PalmichalSan José Province4,95734 km²
11204TejarSan José Province1,95364.3 km²
11205San José Province2,242176.7 km²
11301San JuanSan José Province22,6553.59 km²
11302San José Province4,7070.661 km²
11303LlorenteSan José Province9,7051.298 km²
11304San José Province9,3430.678 km²
11305ColimaSan José Province15,2722.057 km²
11401San VicenteSan José Province35,1075.5 km²
11402San JosecitoHeredia Province6,57118.7 km²
11403San José Province25,9344.938 km²
11501San PedroSan José Province25,7854.73 km²
11502SabanillaSan José Province11,7611.77 km²
11503Mercedes, Costa RicaHeredia Province5,3881.438 km²
11504San José Province11,6677.7 km²
11601San José Province1,49026.5 km²
11602San José Province75538.8 km²
11603San José Province1,32886.2 km²
11604San José Province57443.5 km²
11605San José Province1,881220.7 km²
11701San José Province5,00692.2 km²
11702San José Province38932.4 km²
11703CopeySan José Province2,053280.3 km²
11801CurridabatSan José Province28,0906.2 km²
11802GranadillaSan José Province16,9023.543 km²
11803CurridabatSan José Province9,0204.58 km²
11804CurridabatSan José Province17,0431.877 km²
11901San Isidro de El GeneralSan José Province49,760191.5 km²
11902General ViejoSan José Province6,45776.3 km²
11903Daniel FloresSan José Province39,91964.3 km²
11904Rivas, Costa RicaSan José Province6,999310.5 km²
11905San José Province9,698205.8 km²
11906San José Province7,71789.2 km²
11907San José Province8,272207.9 km²
11908San José Province9,278118.9 km²
11909San José Province2,639191.2 km²
11910San José Province3,096240.4 km²
11911San José Province4,617203.4 km²
12001San Pablo (canton)Heredia Province4,52920.8 km²
12002San José Province2,18816.2 km²
12003San José Province2,23634.6 km²
12004San José Province1,66818.9 km²
12005San José Province1,73821.9 km²
12006San José Province1,24810 km²
20101AlajuelaAlajuela Province44,4829 km²
20102San José, Costa RicaSan José Province46,47314.6 km²
20103SabanillaAlajuela Province7,38316.1 km²
20104AlajuelaAlajuela Province28,3648.8 km²
20105Alajuela Province23,92728.2 km²
20106AlajuelaAlajuela Province17,91535.9 km²
20107Alajuela Province9,98943.1 km²
20108Alajuela Province31,16619.4 km²
20109AlajuelaAlajuela Province11,5235.4 km²
20110AlajuelaAlajuela Province30,26213.1 km²
20111Alajuela Province8,76335.9 km²
20112Alajuela Province13,23614 km²
20113AlajuelaAlajuela Province8,96933.7 km²
20114AlajuelaAlajuela Province3,122114 km²
20201San Ramón, Costa RicaAlajuela Province8,7271.287 km²
20202Alajuela Province5,17861.2 km²
20203San Ramón, Costa RicaAlajuela Province13,1615.3 km²
20204Alajuela Province8,76747.3 km²
20205Alajuela Province4,046116.4 km²
20206SantiagoAlajuela Province10,22830.7 km²
20207Alajuela Province5,5208.7 km²
20208Alajuela Province9,408390.3 km²
20209San Ramón, Costa RicaAlajuela Province9,31517.8 km²
20210Alajuela Province2,95220.5 km²
20211Alajuela Province2,7789.5 km²
20212Alajuela Province39267.3 km²
20213Alajuela Province10,123247.5 km²
20301GreciaAlajuela Province15,7977.5 km²
20302Alajuela Province6,66917 km²
20303Alajuela Province8,99612.3 km²
20304San JuanAlajuela Province12,53426.9 km²
20305CarrillosAlajuela Province9,21224.8 km²
20306Alajuela Province13,385255 km²
20307GreciaAlajuela Province11,79822.9 km²
20308San JuanAlajuela Province8,59530.7 km²
20401DesamparadosAlajuela Province3,03664.9 km²
20402DesamparadosAlajuela Province1,12520.1 km²
20403Alajuela Province2,72139.9 km²
20501AtenasAlajuela Province8,0809.8 km²
20502AtenasAlajuela Province4,12917.9 km²
20503AtenasAlajuela Province3,4767.8 km²
20504AtenasAlajuela Province3,21614.5 km²
20505AtenasAlajuela Province3,98321.8 km²
20506AtenasAlajuela Province2,07413.6 km²
20507AtenasAlajuela Province2,40714.6 km²
20508AtenasAlajuela Province1,00026.6 km²
20601NaranjoAlajuela Province22,60125.3 km²
20602Alajuela Province5,40115.6 km²
20603ZarceroAlajuela Province3,31720.9 km²
20604ZarceroAlajuela Province5,46232 km²
20605Alajuela Province3,4679.1 km²
20606NaranjoAlajuela Province3,0396.8 km²
20607Alajuela Province4,30017.2 km²
20608EsquipulasAlajuela Province
20701Alajuela Province3,7061.193 km²
20702Alajuela Province9,7168.5 km²
20703Alajuela Province8,7207 km²
20704SantiagoAlajuela Province2,7078 km²
20705Alajuela Province2,0784.459 km²
20706EsquipulasAlajuela Province7,9735.4 km²
20707Alajuela Province4,7124.345 km²
20801San Pedro de PoásAlajuela Province8,13013.6 km²
20802Alajuela Province5,15216.4 km²
20803San Pedro de PoásAlajuela Province6,29714.2 km²
20804CarrillosAlajuela Province10,86510.1 km²
20805Alajuela Province2,67820.1 km²
20901OrotinaAlajuela Province10,79821.5 km²
20902OrotinaAlajuela Province2,2669.6 km²
20903Alajuela Province1,15116.9 km²
20904Alajuela Province7,44936.5 km²
20905Alajuela Province2,29460.3 km²
21001Quesada, Costa RicaAlajuela Province47,177143.7 km²
21002FlorenciaAlajuela Province17,436198.8 km²
21003Alajuela Province33726.1 km²
21004Alajuela Province24,716186.1 km²
21005Alajuela Province11,275132.3 km²
21006PitalAlajuela Province20,878379.8 km²
21007La Fortuna, Costa RicaAlajuela Province19,270229.7 km²
21008TigraAlajuela Province8,14555.8 km²
21009Alajuela Province7,649100.6 km²
21010VenadoAlajuela Province1,885169.7 km²
21011Alajuela Province12,138847.7 km²
21012Alajuela Province3,815220.1 km²
21013Alajuela Province17,818661.5 km²
21101ZarceroAlajuela Province4,30811.9 km²
21102LagunaAlajuela Province1,93423.2 km²
21103Alajuela Province1,4826.3 km²
21104Alajuela Province1,41122.7 km²
21105Alajuela Province1,38830.6 km²
21106Alajuela Province77345 km²
21107LagunaAlajuela Province2,32218 km²
21201SarchíAlajuela Province8,10221.2 km²
21202SarchíAlajuela Province5,4336.3 km²
21203Río SegundoAlajuela Province27691.2 km²
21204San JuanAlajuela Province3,71511 km²
21205Alajuela Province2,5497.2 km²
21301UpalaAlajuela Province19,115253.6 km²
21302Alajuela Province5,220409.1 km²
21303San JoséAlajuela Province8,033285.8 km²
21304BijaguaAlajuela Province5,051185.8 km²
21305Alajuela Province4,94697.5 km²
21306Alajuela Province3,575217.3 km²
21307Alajuela Province3,646139.5 km²
21401Los ChilesAlajuela Province15,705503 km²
21402Alajuela Province2,060300.6 km²
21403Alajuela Province6,569313.4 km²
21404Alajuela Province2,778214.5 km²
21501San Rafael de GuatusoAlajuela Province9,477304.1 km²
21502Alajuela Province7,653265.7 km²
21503Alajuela Province441183.7 km²
21504Alajuela Province
30101Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province13,6672.028 km²
30102Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province10,4431.998 km²
30103Mata de PlátanoCartago Province19,0904.346 km²
30104Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province30,23729.4 km²
30105Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province33,98698.8 km²
30106Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province17,27613.3 km²
30107Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province11,88732.6 km²
30108Tierra Blanca, CartagoCartago Province5,30112.8 km²
30109Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province13,49833.2 km²
30110Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province5,05730.2 km²
30111Cartago, Costa RicaCartago Province6,13018.9 km²
30201Paraíso, Costa RicaCartago Province23,49627.1 km²
30202Cartago Province5,97625.4 km²
30203OrosíCartago Province9,948377.1 km²
30204Cachí, Costa RicaCartago Province5,96241.3 km²
30205Cartago Province17,6706.4 km²
30301Tres Ríos, CartagoCartago Province9,5402.169 km²
30302San DiegoCartago Province23,7107.9 km²
30303San JuanSan José Province17,4033.916 km²
30304Cartago Province16,6109.6 km²
30305ConcepciónCartago Province18,5653.813 km²
30306Tres Ríos, CartagoCartago Province9,0118.5 km²
30307Cartago Province4,9743.502 km²
30308Cartago Province13,8845.1 km²
30401CapelladesCartago Province7,19943.5 km²
30402TucurriqueCartago Province5,30033.5 km²
30403PejibayeCartago Province3,380174.1 km²
30501TurrialbaCartago Province28,94456.1 km²
30502La SuizaCartago Province8,347159.8 km²
30503TurrialbaCartago Province5239.5 km²
30504TurrialbaCartago Province3,203124.9 km²
30505TurrialbaCartago Province4,91760 km²
30506TurrialbaCartago Province4,68042 km²
30507TurrialbaCartago Province2,95639 km²
30508TurrialbaCartago Province2,55574.6 km²
30509TurrialbaCartago Province5,79722.2 km²
30510TurrialbaCartago Province1,74837.3 km²
30511TurrialbaCartago Province6,31920 km²
30512TurrialbaCartago Province4,509941.8 km²
30601PacayasCartago Province5,85429.6 km²
30602Cartago Province7,64015.2 km²
30603CapelladesCartago Province2,49234.4 km²
30701Cartago Province28,99410.4 km²
30702CotCartago Province10,87715 km²
30703Cartago Province2,92018.1 km²
30704Cartago Province4,4069.3 km²
30705Cartago Province2,932149.1 km²
30801TejarCartago Province29,2756.1 km²
30802Cartago Province10,573135.8 km²
30803TobosíCartago Province7,42419.8 km²
30804Cartago Province39311 km²
40101San FranciscoHeredia Province22,3862.995 km²
40102Mercedes, Costa RicaHeredia Province30,1914.207 km²
40103San FranciscoHeredia Province51,7876.5 km²
40104Heredia, Costa RicaHeredia Province35,62811.5 km²
40105Vara BlancaSan José Province815258.2 km²
40201BarvaHeredia Province5,2730.826 km²
40202BarvaHeredia Province11,0287.3 km²
40203BarvaHeredia Province11,0927 km²
40204BarvaHeredia Province5,6041.259 km²
40205BarvaHeredia Province8,6082.895 km²
40206BarvaHeredia Province6,21736.7 km²
40301Santo DomingoHeredia Province4,6390.773 km²
40302San VicenteSan José Province7,8862.879 km²
40303San MiguelHeredia Province7,6555.9 km²
40304Heredia Province2,4261.156 km²
40305Heredia Province7,1303.508 km²
40306Heredia Province8,7224.259 km²
40307Heredia Province3,8203.854 km²
40308Heredia Province3,4602.797 km²
40401Heredia Province6,0561.256 km²
40402Heredia Province7,0102.476 km²
40403Heredia Province9,0264.494 km²
40404Heredia Province10,44511.2 km²
40405Sacramento, Costa RicaHeredia Province3,17626.7 km²
40406Heredia Province5,6526.1 km²
40501San RafaelHeredia Province9,8711.22 km²
40502Heredia Province12,6471.398 km²
40503Heredia Province9,6041.522 km²
40504ÁngelesHeredia Province12,83621.2 km²
40505ConcepciónCartago Province7,61622.8 km²
40601Heredia Province6,7592.651 km²
40602Heredia Province9,36411.4 km²
40603ConcepciónCartago Province3,3168 km²
40604Heredia, Costa RicaHeredia Province5,0344.561 km²
40701San AntonioHeredia Province9,9063.576 km²
40702Heredia Province7,2934.265 km²
40703La AsunciónHeredia Province8,0334.531 km²
40801Heredia Province8,8212.753 km²
40802BarrantesHeredia Province4,7102.146 km²
40803LlorenteHeredia Province11,0191.869 km²
40901San Pablo (canton)Heredia Province29,9018.4 km²
40902SabanillaSan José Province
41001Puerto Viejo de SarapiquíHeredia Province23,222429.4 km²
41002Heredia Province12,605513.6 km²
41003Heredia Province27,530565.9 km²
41004Heredia Province1,487268.3 km²
41005Heredia Province1,075368.7 km²
50101Liberia, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province64,132563.8 km²
50102Liberia, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province3,772243.3 km²
50103Liberia, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province1,840227.3 km²
50104Liberia, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province2,509327.6 km²
50105Curubandé de LiberiaGuanacaste Province2,95381 km²
50201NicoyaGuanacaste Province28,097310.8 km²
50202Guanacaste Province6,562211.5 km²
50203Guanacaste Province7,103338.8 km²
50204Guanacaste Province2,766109.9 km²
50205SámaraGuanacaste Province3,488109.1 km²
50206NosaraGuanacaste Province6,004134.8 km²
50207Guanacaste Province3,115122.9 km²
50301Santa CruzGuanacaste Province24,712288.9 km²
50302Guanacaste Province1,73932.5 km²
50303Guanacaste Province8,514302.7 km²
50304Guanacaste Province7,064140.2 km²
50305Guanacaste Province4,45372.6 km²
50306Guanacaste Province1,951218.5 km²
50307GuaitilGuanacaste Province4,41166.2 km²
50308Guanacaste Province4,17174 km²
50309Tamarindo, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province8,310125.9 km²
50401BagacesGuanacaste Province14,662888.1 km²
50402FortunaGuanacaste Province2,920163.7 km²
50403Guanacaste Province3,839181.7 km²
50404Guanacaste Province1,05044.1 km²
50501Filadelfia de GuanacasteGuanacaste Province8,564125.3 km²
50502Guanacaste Province6,26431.5 km²
50503SardinalGuanacaste Province18,195261.7 km²
50504BelénGuanacaste Province10,788181.4 km²
50601CañasGuanacaste Province22,962193.5 km²
50602Guanacaste Province1,075204.1 km²
50603Guanacaste Province1,800121 km²
50604Guanacaste Province2,07758.4 km²
50605Guanacaste Province694111.2 km²
50701JuntasGuanacaste Province10,460228.8 km²
50702Sierra, AbangaresGuanacaste Province2,542111.8 km²
50703Guanacaste Province1,782107.7 km²
50704Guanacaste Province5,145198.2 km²
50801TilaránGuanacaste Province9,694139.4 km²
50802Guanacaste Province2,95085.3 km²
50803TronadoraGuanacaste Province1,929142.1 km²
50804TejonaGuanacaste Province2,14971.2 km²
50805Guanacaste Province92272 km²
50806Guanacaste Province1,51983.6 km²
50807Nuevo ArenalGuanacaste Province2,46773.9 km²
50901Guanacaste Province2,96931.7 km²
50902Guanacaste Province1,41751.2 km²
50903Guanacaste Province1,311105.5 km²
50904NandayureGuanacaste Province2,95077.8 km²
50905Guanacaste Province67640.1 km²
50906Guanacaste Province3,434262.3 km²
51001La CruzGuanacaste Province10,305345.7 km²
51002Guanacaste Province7,101257.5 km²
51003Guanacaste Province1,839272.4 km²
51004Guanacaste Province2,268513.9 km²
51101HojanchaGuanacaste Province4,73476.7 km²
51102Guanacaste Province64875.3 km²
51103Guanacaste Province1,79079 km²
51104Guanacaste Province72731.6 km²
60101PuntarenasPuntarenas Province7,36029.9 km²
60102PuntarenasPuntarenas Province2,464109.9 km²
60103Puntarenas Province6,503119.8 km²
60104Puntarenas Province9,925430.7 km²
60105PaqueraPuntarenas Province7,449337.3 km²
60106Puntarenas Province2,62660.8 km²
60107PuntarenasPuntarenas Province937114.3 km²
60108EsparzaPuntarenas Province33,13936.1 km²
60109MonteverdePuntarenas Province4,81753.1 km²
60110Puntarenas Province
60111Puntarenas Province8,747317.3 km²
60112ChacaritaPuntarenas Province18,4984.906 km²
60113PuntarenasPuntarenas Province1,56139.9 km²
60114PuntarenasPuntarenas Province1,338110.7 km²
60115ChacaritaPuntarenas Province17,9218 km²
60116PuntarenasPuntarenas Province68745.3 km²
60201EsparzaPuntarenas Province16,78542.4 km²
60202Puntarenas Province7,81858.3 km²
60203MacaconaPuntarenas Province6,35433.7 km²
60204MacaconaPuntarenas Province1,45634.2 km²
60205Puntarenas Province79149.9 km²
60301Buenos AiresPuntarenas Province23,404555.4 km²
60302Puntarenas Province4,238187.3 km²
60303Puntarenas Province6,602625.5 km²
60304BorucaPuntarenas Province5,582125.4 km²
60305Puntarenas Province1,808114.7 km²
60306Puntarenas Province1,523129.4 km²
60307Puntarenas Province812273.2 km²
60308Puntarenas Province2,728209.2 km²
60309Puntarenas Province3,577162.7 km²
60401MiramarPuntarenas Province9,422110.8 km²
60402Puntarenas Province1,25478.7 km²
60403MiramarPuntarenas Province3,95057.9 km²
60501Puntarenas Province9,235231.4 km²
60502Palmar NortePuntarenas Province10,448250.5 km²
60503Puntarenas Province4,0681,020.2 km²
60504Puntarenas Province4,339160.3 km²
60505Puntarenas Province4,557262.9 km²
60601QueposPuntarenas Province22,824233.6 km²
60602QueposPuntarenas Province3,480216.4 km²
60603QueposPuntarenas Province4,516104.9 km²
60701GolfitoPuntarenas Province11,587355.6 km²
60702Puerto JiménezPuntarenas Province10,977721.9 km²
60703Puntarenas Province14,267323.9 km²
60704Puntarenas Province6,620352.1 km²
60801San VitoPuntarenas Province15,366142.3 km²
60802SabalitoPuntarenas Province11,884355.8 km²
60803Puntarenas Province6,74863.4 km²
60804Puntarenas Province3,886124 km²
60805Puntarenas Province2,826254.8 km²
60901ParritaPuntarenas Province18,910478.7 km²
61001CorredorPuntarenas Province18,687278.7 km²
610024,61337.3 km²
61003Paso CanoasPuntarenas Province11,303123.4 km²
61004Puntarenas Province10,127188.4 km²
61101Jacó, Costa RicaPuntarenas Province14,793141.1 km²
61102Puntarenas Province6,393173.4 km²
70101LimónLimón Province62,96759.9 km²
70102LimónLimón Province18,6441,237.9 km²
70103LimónLimón Province9,789131.4 km²
70104LimónLimón Province8,461338.6 km²
70201GuápilesLimón Province43,339262.5 km²
70202JiménezLimón Province13,276109.7 km²
70203Limón Province26,769502.3 km²
70204RoxanaLimón Province18,008175.8 km²
70205Limón Province38,899200.8 km²
70206Limón Province4,4571,157.1 km²
70301SiquirresLimón Province33,844373.6 km²
70302Limón Province9,305219.5 km²
70303Limón Province3,76584.7 km²
70304PocoraLimón Province3,64933.9 km²
70305Limón Province7,304107 km²
70306Limón Province4,64235.8 km²
70401Limón Province8,522180.3 km²
70402SixaolaLimón Province9,083174.2 km²
70403CahuitaLimón Province9,880234.6 km²
70404Limón Province7,3162,220.3 km²
70501MatinaLimón Province9,910351.3 km²
70502BatánLimón Province18,407213.5 km²
70503Limón Province13,793206.6 km²
70601GuácimoLimón Province21,521222.3 km²
70602Las MercedesLimón Province1,97390.4 km²
70603PocoraLimón Province6,99772.6 km²
70604Limón Province9,644113.4 km²
70605Limón Province6,63281.6 km²

Costa Rica

Rica (/ˌkɒstə ˈriːkə/; Spanish: [ˈkosta ˈrika]; literally meaning, "Rich Coast"), officially the Republic of Costa Rica (Spanish: República de Costa Rica), is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast..  ︎  Costa Rica Wikipedia Page