59 Postal Codes in Guanacaste Province

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TimezoneCentral Time
Area10,141 km²
Population376,280 (More Details)
Male Population186,432 (49.5%)
Female Population189,848 (50.5%)
Median Age28.1
Postal Codes50101, 50102, 50103 (56 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
50101 - 50104Liberia4

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59 Postal Codes in Guanacaste Province

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
50101Liberia, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province64,132563.8 km²
50102Liberia, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province3,772243.3 km²
50103Liberia, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province1,840227.3 km²
50104Liberia, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province2,509327.6 km²
50105Curubandé de LiberiaGuanacaste Province2,95381 km²
50201NicoyaGuanacaste Province28,097310.8 km²
50202Guanacaste Province6,562211.5 km²
50203Guanacaste Province7,103338.8 km²
50204Guanacaste Province2,766109.9 km²
50205SámaraGuanacaste Province3,488109.1 km²
50206NosaraGuanacaste Province6,004134.8 km²
50207Guanacaste Province3,115122.9 km²
50301Santa CruzGuanacaste Province24,712288.9 km²
50302Guanacaste Province1,73932.5 km²
50303Guanacaste Province8,514302.7 km²
50304Guanacaste Province7,064140.2 km²
50305Guanacaste Province4,45372.6 km²
50306Guanacaste Province1,951218.5 km²
50307GuaitilGuanacaste Province4,41166.2 km²
50308Guanacaste Province4,17174 km²
50309Tamarindo, Costa RicaGuanacaste Province8,310125.9 km²
50401BagacesGuanacaste Province14,662888.1 km²
50402FortunaGuanacaste Province2,920163.7 km²
50403Guanacaste Province3,839181.7 km²
50404Guanacaste Province1,05044.1 km²
50501Filadelfia de GuanacasteGuanacaste Province8,564125.3 km²
50502Guanacaste Province6,26431.5 km²
50503SardinalGuanacaste Province18,195261.7 km²
50504BelénGuanacaste Province10,788181.4 km²
50601CañasGuanacaste Province22,962193.5 km²
50602Guanacaste Province1,075204.1 km²
50603Guanacaste Province1,800121 km²
50604Guanacaste Province2,07758.4 km²
50605Guanacaste Province694111.2 km²
50701JuntasGuanacaste Province10,460228.8 km²
50702Sierra, AbangaresGuanacaste Province2,542111.8 km²
50703Guanacaste Province1,782107.7 km²
50704Guanacaste Province5,145198.2 km²
50801TilaránGuanacaste Province9,694139.4 km²
50802Guanacaste Province2,95085.3 km²
50803TronadoraGuanacaste Province1,929142.1 km²
50804TejonaGuanacaste Province2,14971.2 km²
50805Guanacaste Province92272 km²
50806Guanacaste Province1,51983.6 km²
50807Nuevo ArenalGuanacaste Province2,46773.9 km²
50901Guanacaste Province2,96931.7 km²
50902Guanacaste Province1,41751.2 km²
50903Guanacaste Province1,311105.5 km²
50904NandayureGuanacaste Province2,95077.8 km²
50905Guanacaste Province67640.1 km²
50906Guanacaste Province3,434262.3 km²
51001La CruzGuanacaste Province10,305345.7 km²
51002Guanacaste Province7,101257.5 km²
51003Guanacaste Province1,839272.4 km²
51004Guanacaste Province2,268513.9 km²
51101HojanchaGuanacaste Province4,73476.7 km²
51102Guanacaste Province64875.3 km²
51103Guanacaste Province1,79079 km²
51104Guanacaste Province72731.6 km²

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Guanacaste Province Demographic Information

Population Density37.1 / km²
Male Population186,432 (49.5%)
Female Population189,848 (50.5%)
Median Age28.1
Male Median Age27.7
Female Median Age28.5
Businesses in Guanacaste Province7,012
Population (1975)115,406
Population (2000)271,189
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +226%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +38.8%

Guanacaste Province

Guanacaste is a province of Costa Rica located in the northwestern part of the country, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. it borders Nicaragua to the north. To the east there is the Alajuela Province, and to the southeast is the Puntarenas Provin..  ︎  Guanacaste Province Wikipedia Page