Postal Code 10410

Velika Gorica | Croatia

Velika Gorica (pronounced [ʋêlikaː ɡǒritsa]) is the largest and most populous city in Zagreb County, Croatia. The city itself has a population of 31,341, while the municipality has a population of 63,517 inhabitants (2011). Gorica is the centre of t..
10410 Detailed Information
Primary City:Velika GoricaAssociated Cities:Gradići |  Mičevec |  Mraclin |  Velika Kosnica
Neighborhoods:Grad ZagrebTimezone:Central European Summer Time
Local Time:Thursday 12:10 AMLat & Lng:45.7336° / 16.0952°
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Ulica Slavka Kolara 15, Velika Gorica · Velika Gorica
Ulica Matije Magdalenića, Velika Gorica · Velika Gorica
Velika Gorica · Velika Gorica
Velika Gorica · Velika Gorica

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Other Places for Postal Code 10410

City NamePostal CodesAdministrative RegionCountryPopulation
Velika Gorica10380, 10410Zagreb CountyCroatia63,517 (2011)
Gradići10410Zagreb CountyCroatia1,860 (2011)
Mičevec10410Zagreb CountyCroatia1,260
Mraclin10410Zagreb CountyCroatia1,074 (2011)
Velika Kosnica10410Croatia770 (2011)
Selnica, Krapina-Zagorje County10410, 49246Krapina-Zagorje CountyCroatia653 (2011)
Kobilić10410Zagreb CountyCroatia533 (2011)
Šćitarjevo10410Zagreb CountyCroatia442 (2011)
Petina, Croatia10410Zagreb CountyCroatia218 (2001)
Novaki Šćitarjevski10342, 10410, 42243Zagreb CountyCroatia
Okuje10410Zagreb CountyCroatia
Drenje Šćitarjevsko10410ZagrebCroatia
Lazi Turopoljski10410ZagrebCroatia
Mala Kosnica10410ZagrebCroatia
Petrovina Turopoljska10410ZagrebCroatia
Strmec Bukevski10410ZagrebCroatia
Zablatje Posavsko10410ZagrebCroatia

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