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Postal Code 47222 - Karlovac County

Area Codes47
Local TimeFriday 9:31 AM
TimezoneCentral European Summer Time
Coordinates45.159197784473115° / 15.740328730876236°
Related Postal Codes472064721147212472134722047221

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/7/166:45 PM3.343.5 km6,280 m8km NNE of Otocac, Croatiausgs.gov
10/1/149:43 PM3.950.3 km10,000 m7km WNW of Dobrljin, Bosnia and Herzegovinausgs.gov
3/5/0811:41 AM3.558.6 km10,000 mCroatiausgs.gov
12/17/077:26 PM3.158.7 km5,000 mCroatiausgs.gov
5/25/0711:03 PM3.351.4 km10,000 mCroatiausgs.gov
10/28/066:55 AM4.266.9 km10,000 mCroatiausgs.gov
7/18/067:34 PM3.262 km10,000 mCroatiausgs.gov
1/23/061:29 PM3.764.1 km10,000 mCroatiausgs.gov
12/18/021:04 AM3.763 km10,000 mCroatiausgs.gov
12/31/017:30 AM4.554 km10,000 mCroatiausgs.gov

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