58 Postal Codes in Istria County

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area2,813 km²
Population204,278 (More Details)
Male Population99,314 (48.6%)
Female Population104,964 (51.4%)
Median Age44
Postal Codes51414, 52000, 52100 (55 more)
Area Code52

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58 Postal Codes in Istria County

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
52000PazinIstria County10,135247.8 km²
52100GaližanaIstria County76,387269.4 km²
52203LižnjanIstria County
52204ŠišanIstria County
52206Istria County
52207BarbanIstria County6,609211.4 km²
52208Istria County
52210RovinjIstria County13,78777.3 km²
52211Bale, CroatiaIstria County
52212FažanaIstria County
52215VodnjanIstria County
52216GaližanaIstria County
52220LabinIstria County12,224151.4 km²
52221RabacIstria County
52222Istria County
52223Raša, Istria CountyIstria County
52224Istria County
52231NedešćinaIstria County
52232Istria County
52233Istria County
52234Istria County
52332PićanIstria County
52333Istria County1,62523.4 km²
52341ŽminjIstria County7,795247 km²
52342SvetvinčenatIstria County
52352KanfanarIstria County
52402CerovljeIstria County
52403ŠkopljakIstria County
52404Sveti Petar u ŠumiIstria County
52420BuzetIstria County5,862255.4 km²
52422Istria County
52423KarojbaIstria County
52424MotovunIstria County2,67482.5 km²
52425RočIstria County
52426LupoglavIstria County
52427Istria County
52428ČepićIstria County
52429Istria County
52434BoljunIstria County
52440TarIstria County21,008216.9 km²
52444TinjanIstria County
52445Istria County
52446Istria County
52447VižinadaIstria County
52448Istria County
52449Istria County
52450VrsarIstria County
52452FuntanaIstria County
52460BujeIstria County5,856174.2 km²
52462Istria County
52463Istria County
52464Istria County
52465TarIstria County
52466Istria County3,88026.8 km²
52470ČepljaniIstria County9,95871.8 km²
52474Istria County
52475Istria County

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Istria County Demographic Information

Population Density72.6 / km²
Male Population99,314 (48.6%)
Female Population104,964 (51.4%)
Median Age44
Male Median Age42
Female Median Age45.8
Businesses in Istria County13,478
Population (1975)187,996
Population (2000)203,244
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +8.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +0.5%

Istria County

Istria County (/ˈɪstriə/; Croatian: Istarska županija; Italian: Regione istriana) is the westernmost county of Croatia which includes the biggest part of the Istrian peninsula (2,820 km2 (1,089 sq mi) out of 3,160 km2 (1,220 sq mi), or 89%). The area..  ︎  Istria County Wikipedia Page