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Postal Code 7520, Cyprus - Map and Information

Local TimeSunday 1:56 AM
TimezoneEastern European Summer Time
Coordinates34.96792° / 33.86894°
Related Postal Codes750475057506750875097510

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/19/1710:41 PM413.2 km8,600 m17km S of Liopetri, Cyprususgs.gov
3/22/161:24 PM46.1 km54,880 m7km SSW of Avgorou, Cyprususgs.gov
6/30/149:35 AM4.217.6 km54,560 m3km W of Famagusta, Cyprususgs.gov
10/19/087:07 AM4.315.3 km26,200 mCyprus regionusgs.gov
7/6/0811:37 AM3.519.5 km29,700 mCyprus regionusgs.gov
7/3/0811:13 PM3.427.9 km41,000 mCyprus regionusgs.gov
4/1/0812:49 PM3.122.7 km16,000 mCyprus regionusgs.gov
3/13/084:04 AM3.217 km54,000 mCyprus regionusgs.gov
3/12/083:54 PM3.112.5 km35,000 mCyprus regionusgs.gov
3/6/0810:44 AM3.211.8 km46,000 mCyprus regionusgs.gov

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