146 Postal Codes in Central Denmark Region

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area13,053 km²
Population1.3 million (More Details)
Male Population633,236 (49.9%)
Female Population636,517 (50.1%)
Median Age39.6
Postal Codes6880, 6893, 6900 (143 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
7160 - 7173Tørring2
8000 - 8310Aarhus9
8900 - 8940Randers3

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146 Postal Codes in Central Denmark Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
6880TarmCentral Denmark Region7,233243.6 km²
6893Central Denmark Region2,081112.1 km²
6900Skjern MunicipalityCentral Denmark Region13,517396.6 km²
6920VidebækCentral Denmark Region9,060184.2 km²
6933KibækCentral Denmark Region5,074195.8 km²
6940Central Denmark Region2,25342.2 km²
6950RingkøbingCentral Denmark Region15,164276.8 km²
6960Hvide SandeCentral Denmark Region3,240117.1 km²
6971Central Denmark Region3,098117.2 km²
6973Central Denmark Region1,52658.5 km²
6980Central Denmark Region1,952106.6 km²
6990UlfborgCentral Denmark Region5,050281.1 km²
7130Central Denmark Region8,657133 km²
7140Central Denmark Region1,89456.7 km²
7150Central Denmark Region1,43831.8 km²
7160TørringCentral Denmark Region5,42985.1 km²
7171Central Denmark Region2,49231.5 km²
7173TørringCentral Denmark Region1,07126.1 km²
7270Central Denmark Region49022.8 km²
7280Central Denmark Region2,04352 km²
7330BrandeCentral Denmark Region10,384213.7 km²
7361Central Denmark Region3,187127.6 km²
7362Central Denmark Region93357.9 km²
7400Central Denmark Region57,022405.4 km²
7430IkastCentral Denmark Region17,370124.2 km²
7441Bording KirkebyCentral Denmark Region3,927128.5 km²
7442Central Denmark Region2,83277.3 km²
7451SundsCentral Denmark Region6,159120 km²
7470KarupCentral Denmark Region7,528208.1 km²
7480VildbjergCentral Denmark Region7,053123.6 km²
7490AulumCentral Denmark Region4,957104.6 km²
7500HolstebroCentral Denmark Region43,716394.1 km²
7540Central Denmark Region1,953130.2 km²
7550Central Denmark Region1,71255.9 km²
7560Central Denmark Region1,79140 km²
7570VembCentral Denmark Region2,781132.1 km²
7600Struer, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region17,043208.9 km²
7620LemvigCentral Denmark Region14,061386.9 km²
7650Central Denmark Region1,18648.4 km²
7660Central Denmark Region1,39977.7 km²
7673HarboøreCentral Denmark Region1,56145.3 km²
7680ThyborønCentral Denmark Region2,23737.4 km²
7790Central Denmark Region3,263175.5 km²
7800Skive, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region25,483229 km²
7830VinderupCentral Denmark Region7,434244.7 km²
7840HøjslevCentral Denmark Region3,866171 km²
7850StoholmCentral Denmark Region4,95968.2 km²
7860Central Denmark Region7,671229.7 km²
7870Central Denmark Region10,746313 km²
7884Central Denmark Region78576.2 km²
8000Central Denmark Region63,94315.9 km²
8100Central Denmark Region
8200Central Denmark Region27,66429.5 km²
8210AarhusCentral Denmark Region23,8457.8 km²
8220BrabrandCentral Denmark Region20,58522.4 km²
8230AabyhøjCentral Denmark Region12,6994.645 km²
8240RisskovCentral Denmark Region25,64015 km²
8245RisskovCentral Denmark Region
8250EgåCentral Denmark Region9,16514.7 km²
8260Viby JCentral Denmark Region29,22728.1 km²
8270HøjbjergCentral Denmark Region24,88218.5 km²
8300OdderCentral Denmark Region20,457222.9 km²
8305Central Denmark Region3,609114.7 km²
8310Central Denmark Region6,56312.6 km²
8320MårsletCentral Denmark Region6,16222.6 km²
8330Beder, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region5,15214.5 km²
8340Malling, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region4,72029.1 km²
8350Central Denmark Region1,36637.5 km²
8355SolbjergCentral Denmark Region3,66925.8 km²
8361HasselagerCentral Denmark Region5,67316.7 km²
8362HørningCentral Denmark Region9,02236.7 km²
8370HadstenCentral Denmark Region13,985137.1 km²
8380TrigeCentral Denmark Region4,53425.8 km²
8381TilstCentral Denmark Region11,92117.5 km²
8382HinnerupCentral Denmark Region13,37675.3 km²
8400EbeltoftCentral Denmark Region10,328163.3 km²
8410RøndeCentral Denmark Region7,989106.1 km²
8420Central Denmark Region3,01192.7 km²
8444Central Denmark Region1,02834.4 km²
8450HammelCentral Denmark Region9,98192.1 km²
8462HarlevCentral Denmark Region4,70629.4 km²
8464GaltenCentral Denmark Region12,21670 km²
8471Sabro, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region5,15447.9 km²
8472Central Denmark Region1,06531.7 km²
8500GrenaaCentral Denmark Region18,101188.2 km²
8520LystrupCentral Denmark Region12,63918.3 km²
8530HjortshøjCentral Denmark Region4,97039.4 km²
8541SkødstrupCentral Denmark Region8,65528.6 km²
8543HornsletCentral Denmark Region7,60270.6 km²
8544Central Denmark Region3,50971.1 km²
8550RyomgårdCentral Denmark Region4,04557.5 km²
8560Central Denmark Region3,39487.4 km²
8570Central Denmark Region2,04660.6 km²
8581Central Denmark Region1,17748.5 km²
8585Central Denmark Region2,69084.2 km²
8586Central Denmark Region1,97959.5 km²
8592Anholt (Denmark)Central Denmark Region17322 km²
8600SilkeborgCentral Denmark Region60,868279.9 km²
8620Kjellerup MunicipalityCentral Denmark Region12,163191.7 km²
8632Central Denmark Region1,03331.8 km²
8641Central Denmark Region1,82218.6 km²
8643Central Denmark Region2,84339.2 km²
8653Them, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region4,69582.1 km²
8654Central Denmark Region2,35961.8 km²
8660Central Denmark Region28,111245.2 km²
8670LåsbyCentral Denmark Region2,39820.8 km²
8680Ry, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region9,176102.3 km²
8700HorsensCentral Denmark Region65,489243.3 km²
8721Central Denmark Region1,88328.1 km²
8722Central Denmark Region9,58052.2 km²
8723LøsningCentral Denmark Region7,27847 km²
8732Central Denmark Region3,65446.1 km²
8740BrædstrupCentral Denmark Region8,345157 km²
8751GedvedCentral Denmark Region2,68322 km²
8752Central Denmark Region4,22357.3 km²
8762Central Denmark Region1,15527 km²
8763Central Denmark Region1,67421.9 km²
8765Central Denmark Region93629.6 km²
8766Nørre-Snede MunicipalityCentral Denmark Region2,62769.5 km²
8781Central Denmark Region1,08120.7 km²
8783HornsyldCentral Denmark Region3,31935.2 km²
8789EndelaveCentral Denmark Region17613.3 km²
8799TunøCentral Denmark Region853.572 km²
8800Viborg, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region47,529347 km²
8830Central Denmark Region9,316282.5 km²
8832Central Denmark Region3,872128.2 km²
8840Central Denmark Region2,68848.6 km²
8850BjerringbroCentral Denmark Region11,480166.5 km²
8860UlstrupCentral Denmark Region4,41379.5 km²
8870LangåCentral Denmark Region7,99093.8 km²
8881Thorsø, DenmarkCentral Denmark Region3,26140.3 km²
8882Central Denmark Region2,18136.8 km²
8883GjernCentral Denmark Region2,23829.8 km²
8900RandersCentral Denmark Region7,2932.438 km²
8920Central Denmark Region24,608138.7 km²
8930RandersCentral Denmark Region18,91193.4 km²
8940RandersCentral Denmark Region10,14055 km²
8950Central Denmark Region3,278126 km²
8960Central Denmark Region16,358103.3 km²
8961AllingåbroCentral Denmark Region4,05088.4 km²
8963AuningCentral Denmark Region4,30074.8 km²
8970Central Denmark Region3,580154.6 km²
8981SpentrupCentral Denmark Region4,88557.7 km²
8983Central Denmark Region3,56485 km²
8990Purhus MunicipalityCentral Denmark Region2,74069.3 km²
9632Møldrup MunicipalityCentral Denmark Region2,90066.6 km²

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Central Denmark Region Demographic Information

Population1.3 million
Population Density97.3 / km²
Male Population633,236 (49.9%)
Female Population636,517 (50.1%)
Median Age39.6
Male Median Age38.8
Female Median Age40.3
Businesses in Central Denmark Region126,029
Population (1975)1,217,099
Population (2000)1,181,566
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +4.3%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +7.5%

Central Denmark Region

Central Jutland Region (Danish: Region Midtjylland) is an administrative region of Denmark established on 1 January 2007 as part of the 2007 Danish Municipal Reform, which replaced the traditional counties ("amter") with five larger regions. At the s..  ︎  Central Denmark Region Wikipedia Page