82 Postal Codes in Frederiksberg

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area8.7 km²
Population105,699 (More Details)
Male Population49,953 (47.3%)
Female Population55,747 (52.7%)
Median Age36.5
Postal Codes1459, 1621, 1800 (79 more)

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82 Postal Codes in Frederiksberg, Capital Region of Denmark

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
1459FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark5033,526 m²
1621FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,90415,019 m²
1800FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark4856,192 m²
1801FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark27614,234 m²
1802FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark70221,785 m²
1803FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark4853,363 m²
1804FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark8897,673 m²
1805FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,1871,691 m²
1806FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark59518,456 m²
1807FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark39710,944 m²
1808FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark21015,613 m²
1809FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,80111,859 m²
1810FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark93129,238 m²
1811FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,59216,030 m²
1812FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark5,34734,500 m²
1813FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,30824,840 m²
1814FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,85818,822 m²
1815FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark93611,570 m²
1816FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,9517,196 m²
1817FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,9434,640 m²
1818FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,0997,853 m²
1819FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,9212,791 m²
1820FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark98385,971 m²
1822FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,0581,724 m²
1823FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark4,0823,940 m²
1824FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark98415,255 m²
1825FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,99212,341 m²
1826FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,00914,714 m²
1853FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,43918,272 m²
1854FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,6355,988 m²
1855FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,59411,664 m²
1856FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark8985,961 m²
1857FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark90021,810 m²
1860FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark5,49420,737 m²
1861FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,59612,170 m²
1862FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,40211,290 m²
1863FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,1296,654 m²
1871FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark70766,262 m²
1900FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,73636,388 m²
1903FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark72639,972 m²
1904FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,98221,599 m²
1905FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark72820,888 m²
1906FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark81413,230 m²
1908FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,16512,905 m²
1909FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,40537,660 m²
1914FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,1043,767 m²
1915FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,44818,707 m²
1916FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,4976,195 m²
1917FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark77511,917 m²
1920FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,58321,134 m²
1921FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,4481,565 m²
1922FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,70913,367 m²
1923FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,4134,279 m²
1924FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark70714,686 m²
1925FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,70921,137 m²
1926FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,23916,466 m²
1927FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1326,341 m²
1928FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark8548,769 m²
1950FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark90726,982 m²
1951FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,8174,248 m²
1952FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,6136,862 m²
1953FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark3,28511,743 m²
1954FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark73933,171 m²
1955FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,73517,029 m²
1956FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark6388,407 m²
1957FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,95113,936 m²
1958FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark66285,739 m²
1959FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,67218,218 m²
1960FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,5052,690 m²
1961FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark6809,346 m²
1962FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,69321,237 m²
1963FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,3868,529 m²
1964FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark67128,342 m²
1965FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,3843,660 m²
1966FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark2,06813,652 m²
1967FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark67817,099 m²
1970FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark4,67942,650 m²
1971FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark6846,031 m²
1972FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,91015,483 m²
1973FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark52023,686 m²
1974FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark1,55610,106 m²
2000FrederiksbergCapital Region of Denmark69,5766.6 km²

Frederiksberg, Capital Region of Denmark Demographic Information

Population Density12,149 / km²
Male Population49,953 (47.3%)
Female Population55,747 (52.7%)
Median Age36.5
Male Median Age35.7
Female Median Age37.3
Businesses in Frederiksberg, Capital Region of Denmark13,063
Population (1975)58,058
Population (2000)85,588
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +82.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +23.5%


Frederiksberg (Danish pronunciation: [fɑːɑʁiɡ̊sˈbeɐ̯]) is a town (the Frederiksberg Municipality) in Denmark's Capital City Region (Region Hovedstaden). It is surrounded by but separate from Copenhagen. It occupies an area of less than 9 km2 and had ..  ︎  Frederiksberg Wikipedia Page