78 Postal Codes in North Denmark Region

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area7,933 km²
Population566,100 (More Details)
Male Population284,110 (50.2%)
Female Population281,989 (49.8%)
Median Age42
Postal Codes0900, 0960, 0999 (75 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
9100 - 9220Aalborg4

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78 Postal Codes in North Denmark Region

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
0900North Denmark Region
0960AarsNorth Denmark Region
0999SkagenNorth Denmark Region
7700ThistedNorth Denmark Region24,930498.3 km²
7730HanstholmNorth Denmark Region3,02258.9 km²
7741North Denmark Region1,360116.3 km²
7752North Denmark Region5,019142.2 km²
7755North Denmark Region2,463123.6 km²
7760HurupNorth Denmark Region4,790166.6 km²
7770VestervigNorth Denmark Region1,59191.5 km²
7900Nykøbing MorsNorth Denmark Region14,005381.5 km²
7950North Denmark Region3,449105.7 km²
7960North Denmark Region83461.4 km²
7970RakkebyNorth Denmark Region81631.1 km²
7980North Denmark Region77119 km²
7990North Denmark Region1,21875.3 km²
9000North Denmark Region65,64168.3 km²
9100AalborgNorth Denmark Region
9200SkalborgNorth Denmark Region11,68920.3 km²
9210AalborgNorth Denmark Region12,85912.8 km²
9220AalborgNorth Denmark Region17,82536.2 km²
9230North Denmark Region10,18679.7 km²
9240NibeNorth Denmark Region12,597362.6 km²
9260GistrupNorth Denmark Region6,79774.3 km²
9270KlarupNorth Denmark Region4,26320.7 km²
9280StorvordeNorth Denmark Region8,269180.6 km²
9293North Denmark Region2,61952.6 km²
9300SæbyNorth Denmark Region12,205159.1 km²
9310VodskovNorth Denmark Region10,222106.4 km²
9320HjallerupNorth Denmark Region6,15199.5 km²
9330DronninglundNorth Denmark Region7,912181.6 km²
9340North Denmark Region1,84848.1 km²
9352DybvadNorth Denmark Region1,91768 km²
9362GandrupNorth Denmark Region2,60056.9 km²
9370Hals MunicipalityNorth Denmark Region5,879107.5 km²
9380VestbjergNorth Denmark Region3,18310.8 km²
9381SulstedNorth Denmark Region2,62143.2 km²
9382North Denmark Region2,12055.9 km²
9400NørresundbyNorth Denmark Region22,36649.5 km²
9430VadumNorth Denmark Region4,03851.3 km²
9440AabybroNorth Denmark Region10,627180.2 km²
9460BrovstNorth Denmark Region8,296247.7 km²
9480BørglumNorth Denmark Region4,657120.4 km²
9490PandrupNorth Denmark Region6,30984.5 km²
9492BlokhusNorth Denmark Region1,21618.2 km²
9493North Denmark Region1,33638.5 km²
9500HobroNorth Denmark Region23,119349.3 km²
9510ArdenNorth Denmark Region4,753119.8 km²
9520SkørpingNorth Denmark Region6,564157.2 km²
9530StøvringNorth Denmark Region10,07295.9 km²
9541North Denmark Region2,59368.9 km²
9550MariagerNorth Denmark Region5,965113.4 km²
9560HadsundNorth Denmark Region11,038230 km²
9574BælumNorth Denmark Region1,28042 km²
9575North Denmark Region1,93933.7 km²
9600AarsNorth Denmark Region13,519196 km²
9610NøragerNorth Denmark Region4,224118.9 km²
9620AalestrupNorth Denmark Region5,504120.3 km²
9631North Denmark Region1,25143.6 km²
9640North Denmark Region8,289260.4 km²
9670North Denmark Region8,518223.5 km²
9681RanumNorth Denmark Region1,453149.5 km²
9690FjerritslevNorth Denmark Region8,106307.8 km²
9700North Denmark Region18,317225.9 km²
9740North Denmark Region2,47779.1 km²
9750North Denmark Region2,90075.3 km²
9760VråNorth Denmark Region5,228117.4 km²
9800HjørringNorth Denmark Region33,690288.8 km²
9830TårsNorth Denmark Region3,70580.7 km²
9850HirtshalsNorth Denmark Region9,28569.2 km²
9870SindalNorth Denmark Region6,876176.2 km²
9881North Denmark Region2,94697.5 km²
9900North Denmark Region29,318158.5 km²
9940Byrum, DenmarkNorth Denmark Region1,602116.3 km²
9970StrandbyNorth Denmark Region2,2216.8 km²
9981JerupNorth Denmark Region1,08339.7 km²
9982ÅlbækNorth Denmark Region1,94473.9 km²
9990SkagenNorth Denmark Region7,76069.6 km²

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North Denmark Region Demographic Information

Population Density71.4 / km²
Male Population284,110 (50.2%)
Female Population281,989 (49.8%)
Median Age42
Male Median Age41
Female Median Age43
Businesses in North Denmark Region59,553
Population (1975)554,568
Population (2000)564,563
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +2.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +0.3%

North Denmark Region

North Denmark Region or North Jutland Region (Danish: Region Nordjylland) is an administrative region of Denmark established on 1 January 2007 as part of the 2007 Danish Municipal Reform, which replaced the traditional counties ("amter") with five la..  ︎  North Denmark Region Wikipedia Page