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The average area for zip codes in Ecuador is 208.8 km² with the largest being 160202 in Provincia del Pastaza at 8,190.9 km² and the smallest being 080103 in Esmeraldas, Provincia de Esmeraldas at 0.303 km². In Ecuador the average population for a postal code is 13,111 with the most populated being zip code 090505 in Guayaquil, Provincia del Guayas at 113,004. The average population density for a postal code in Ecuador is 2,435 / km² with the densest being zip code 080103 in Esmeraldas, Provincia de Esmeraldas at 44,877 / km². The median age for postal codes in Ecuador range from 13.5 years old for 160111 in Provincia del Pastaza to 40.4 years old for 060407 in Provincia del Chimborazo. The fastest growing postal code is 090811 in Guayaquil, Provincia del Guayas with population growth of 5,921.8% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 31.4% per year.

TimezoneEcuador (Guayaquil) Time
Area28,360 km²
Population14.8 million
Population Density521.5 / km²
Postal Codes010101, 010102, 010103 (2,435 more)
Area Codes2, 22, 23 (10 more)
Businesses in Ecuador128,548

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
010101 - 011551Azuay Province152
020101 - 020702Bolívar Province (Ecuador)54
030101 - 030750Cañar Canton62
040101 - 040650Carchi Province45
050101 - 050754Cotopaxi Province86
060101 - 060956Chimborazo Province100
070101 - 071452El Oro Province147
080101 - 080755Esmeraldas Province122
090101 - 092750Guayas Province288
100101 - 100655Imbabura Province87
110101 - 111651Loja Province165
120101 - 121250Los Ríos Province102
130101 - 132251Manabí Province219
140101 - 141251Morona-Santiago Province101
150101 - 150206, 180101 - 180950Tungurahua Province85
150150 - 150950, 180251 - 180951Napo Province45
150254 - 150353, 220101 - 220455Orellana Province42
160101 - 160451Pastaza Province42
170101 - 171204Pichincha Province287
190101 - 190853Zamora-Chinchipe Province60
200102 - 200104, 200150 - 200358Galápagos Province18
210101 - 210752Sucumbíos Province52
230101 - 230214Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas Province42
240101 - 241550Santa Elena Province21

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2,438 Postal Codes in Ecuador

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
010101Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province34,8342.567 km²
010102Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province22,3041.494 km²
010103Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province25,7522.488 km²
010104Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province27,0612.23 km²
010105Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province9,6892.462 km²
010106Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province24,45626.8 km²
010107Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province33,8018.8 km²
010108Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province25,63530.7 km²
010109Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province23,02811.8 km²
010110Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province5,04927 km²
010111Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province6,29025.6 km²
010112Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province8,965364.9 km²
010113Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province5,08393.3 km²
010114Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province3,09762.2 km²
010115Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province5,86737.2 km²
010116Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province5,838188.4 km²
010150Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province
010151Baños, AzuayAzuay Province
010152Cumbe, EcuadorAzuay Province
010153ChauchaAzuay Province
010154Checa, EcuadorAzuay Province
010155ChiquintadAzuay Province
010156Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province
010157MolleturoAzuay Province
010158NultiAzuay Province
010159Octavio Cordero PalaciosAzuay Province
010160PacchaAzuay Province
010161QuingeoAzuay Province
010162Ricaurte, EcuadorAzuay Province
010163Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province
010164Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province
010165SayausiAzuay Province
010166SidcayAzuay Province
010167SinincayAzuay Province
010168Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province
010169Turi, EcuadorAzuay Province
010170Valle, EcuadorAzuay Province
010171VictoriaAzuay Province
010201Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province14,4631.87 km²
010202Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province16,7441.786 km²
010203Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province14,9871.933 km²
010204Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province24,4674.783 km²
010205Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province20,4142.585 km²
010206Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province27,4155.7 km²
010207Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province22,2354.069 km²
010208Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province10,1501.036 km²
010209Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province8,7751.523 km²
010210Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province6,2743.959 km²
010211Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province19,90316.9 km²
010212Cuenca, EcuadorAzuay Province7,49426.5 km²
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