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Postal Code 190851, Ecuador - Map and Information

Area Codes477
Local TimeSaturday 2:24 PM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Coordinates-4.59891° / -79.1327°
Related Postal Codes190551190650190651190850190852190853

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/21/173:14 AM4.882.1 km86,670 m17km WSW of Ayabaca, Peruusgs.gov
12/7/162:24 AM4.679.9 km16,600 m23km ESE of San Ignacio, Peruusgs.gov
8/15/164:16 AM4.269.8 km78,580 m18km WSW of San Ignacio, Peruusgs.gov
4/9/1612:15 AM4.994.1 km38,920 m71km SE of Yantzaza, Ecuadorusgs.gov
5/11/159:10 PM4.599.9 km87,820 m22km S of Huancabamba, Peruusgs.gov
7/28/148:26 AM4.460.2 km92,000 m30km NNW of Huancabamba, Peruusgs.gov
3/5/146:31 PM3.668.3 km65,000 m15km N of Ayabaca, Peruusgs.gov
2/16/148:55 AM4.582.9 km23,250 m87km SE of Zamora, Ecuadorusgs.gov
4/20/113:27 PM4.788.3 km103,300 mnear the coast of Ecuadorusgs.gov
9/25/079:43 PM5.975.8 km99,800 mnear the coast of Ecuadorusgs.gov

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