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The average area for zip codes in Estonia is 8.7 km² with the largest being 71309 in Sandra, Viljandimaa at 138.7 km² and the smallest being 72701 in Paide, Järvamaa at 1,450 m². In Estonia the average population for a postal code is 256 with the most populated being zip code 11415 in Sitsi, Harjumaa at 55,391. The median age for postal codes in Estonia range from 28.0 years old for 45001 in Imastu, Lääne-Virumaa to 70.6 years old for 75011 in Paunküla, Harjumaa. The fastest growing postal code is 41541 in Jõhvi, Ida-Virumaa with population growth of 1,381.9% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 19.7% per year.

TimezoneEastern European Time
Population1.3 million
Postal Codes94791, 94766, 94765 (5,867 more)
Area Codes32, 33, 35 (29 more)
Businesses in Estonia128,333

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
10001 - 19098, 74001 - 76992Harju County876
20001 - 43408Ida-Viru County390
44001 - 46715Lääne-Viru County457
48001 - 49604Jõgeva County273
50050 - 62511Tartu County453
63001 - 64618Põlva County287
65001 - 66712Võru County472
67001 - 68716Valga County199
69001 - 71513Viljandi County321
72001 - 73516Järva County230
78001 - 79891Rapla County347
80001 - 88442Pärnu County403
90101 - 91391Lääne County278
92001 - 92424Hiiu County205
93001 - 94791Saare County405

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5,870 Postal Codes in Estonia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
94791Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County
94766Saare County673.528 km²
94765VahtrasteSaare County164.735 km²
94764Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County173.758 km²
94763Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County242.318 km²
94762Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County221.749 km²
94761Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County121.8 km²
94760Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County50.176 km²
94759Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County133.47 km²
94758Saare County
94757Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County304.281 km²
94756PäraseSaare County324.839 km²
94755Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County212.369 km²
94754Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County111.412 km²
94753PaenaseSaare County143.393 km²
94752Nõmmküla, Saare CountySaare County695.3 km²
94751Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County93.583 km²
94750SoondaSaare County186.3 km²
94749LõetsaSaare County414.73 km²
94748Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County322.952 km²
94747Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County166.2 km²
94746Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County252.945 km²
94745LõetsaSaare County172.628 km²
94744Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County263.427 km²
94743Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County110.887 km²
94742Saare County526.5 km²
94741Saare County968.8 km²
94734Saare County
94733Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County112.195 km²
94732RootsivereSaare County214.918 km²
94731RidasiSaare County191.646 km²
94730Saare County581.588 km²
94729TupenurmeSaare County
94728NautseSaare County322.306 km²
94727Saare County516.4 km²
94726RidasiSaare County120.542 km²
94725Saare County
94724KoguvaSaare County76 km²
94723Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County213.57 km²
94722IgakülaSaare County3512.3 km²
94721Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County62.15 km²
94720LõetsaSaare County
94719PädasteSaare County184.661 km²
94718RässaSaare County1111.3 km²
94717PädasteSaare County12.721 km²
94716PädasteSaare County307.6 km²
94715Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County46.2 km²
94714Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County232.651 km²
94713Liiva, Muhu ParishSaare County36.8 km²
94712KuivastuSaare County111.295 km²
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