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The average area for zip codes in Estonia is 8.7 km² with the largest being 71309 in Sandra, Viljandimaa at 138.7 km² and the smallest being 72701 in Paide, Järvamaa at 1,450 m². In Estonia the average population for a postal code is 256 with the most populated being zip code 11415 in Sitsi, Harjumaa at 55,391. The median age for postal codes in Estonia range from 28.0 years old for 45001 in Imastu, Lääne-Virumaa to 70.6 years old for 75011 in Paunküla, Harjumaa. The fastest growing postal code is 41541 in Jõhvi, Ida-Virumaa with population growth of 1,381.9% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 19.7% per year.

TimezoneEastern European Time
Population1.3 million
Postal Codes11415, 21004, 12618 (5,867 more)
Area Codes32, 33, 35 (29 more)
Businesses in Estonia128,333

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
10001 - 19098, 74001 - 76992Harju County876
20001 - 43408Ida-Viru County390
44001 - 46715Lääne-Viru County457
48001 - 49604Jõgeva County273
50050 - 62511Tartu County453
63001 - 64618Põlva County287
65001 - 66712Võru County472
67001 - 68716Valga County199
69001 - 71513Viljandi County321
72001 - 73516Järva County230
78001 - 79891Rapla County347
80001 - 88442Pärnu County403
90101 - 91391Lääne County278
92001 - 92424Hiiu County205
93001 - 94791Saare County405

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5,870 Postal Codes in Estonia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
11415SitsiHarju County55,39113 km²
21004NarvaIda-Viru County21,48743.1 km²
12618SitsiHarju County14,7362.064 km²
51014TartuTartu County11,5574.903 km²
74114Harju County10,56114.3 km²
41541JõhviIda-Viru County10,3730.233 km²
74001ViimsiHarju County10,1505.4 km²
51013TartuTartu County10,0853.778 km²
41550JõhviIda-Viru County9,9933.428 km²
40231SillamäeIda-Viru County9,0336.8 km²
11216SitsiHarju County8,7234.145 km²
13516SitsiHarju County8,6248.4 km²
12915SitsiHarju County8,5141.012 km²
13619SitsiHarju County8,1551.759 km²
10313SitsiHarju County7,5574.284 km²
93815KuressaareSaare County7,0467.4 km²
30328Kohtla-JärveIda-Viru County6,36910.3 km²
20104NarvaIda-Viru County6,1013.106 km²
76401LaagriHarju County6,0974.351 km²
43125KiviõliIda-Viru County5,9216.8 km²
10621SitsiHarju County5,6881.112 km²
75312Peetri, Harju CountyHarju County5,6145.3 km²
10416SitsiHarju County5,4421.116 km²
13522SitsiHarju County5,3831.514 km²
10617SitsiHarju County5,2222.07 km²
11712SitsiHarju County5,2211.457 km²
75301JüriHarju County5,1095.3 km²
75501Saku ParishHarju County5,00610.3 km²
11316SitsiHarju County4,7901.227 km²
10412SitsiHarju County4,7140.89 km²
13517SitsiHarju County4,5983.404 km²
76901TabasaluHarju County4,5005.7 km²
10112SitsiHarju County4,3355.2 km²
11314SitsiHarju County4,2782.783 km²
11911SitsiHarju County4,1453.805 km²
31027Kohtla-JärveIda-Viru County4,0263.584 km²
76606KeilaHarju County3,8671.342 km²
76505SaueHarju County3,8352.506 km²
75101Harju County3,7338.6 km²
13419SitsiHarju County3,6140.703 km²
13917SitsiHarju County3,6070.894 km²
80010Pärnu County3,6062.052 km²
10132SitsiHarju County3,4983.657 km²
20103NarvaIda-Viru County3,4541.449 km²
71020ViljandiViljandi County3,3721.864 km²
51009TartuTartu County3,3461.753 km²
68205Valga, EstoniaValga County3,2615.7 km²
65604VõruVõru County3,2332.462 km²
80042Pärnu County3,1953.194 km²
12916SitsiHarju County3,1720.337 km²
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