69 Postal Codes in Narva

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area84.5 km²
Population43,955 (More Details)
Male Population19,520 (44.4%)
Female Population24,436 (55.6%)
Median Age45.2
Postal Codes20001, 20103, 20104 (66 more)

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69 Postal Codes in Narva, Ida-Viru County

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
20001NarvaIda-Viru County
20103NarvaIda-Viru County3,4541.449 km²
20104NarvaIda-Viru County6,1013.106 km²
20105NarvaIda-Viru County1080.109 km²
20201NarvaIda-Viru County
20203NarvaIda-Viru County7950.219 km²
20204NarvaIda-Viru County26876,778 m²
20205NarvaIda-Viru County1,6110.666 km²
20206NarvaIda-Viru County2370.118 km²
20207NarvaIda-Viru County7670.268 km²
20301NarvaIda-Viru County
20303NarvaIda-Viru County5680.221 km²
20304NarvaIda-Viru County5640.211 km²
20305NarvaIda-Viru County8210.249 km²
20306NarvaIda-Viru County1,0330.385 km²
20307NarvaIda-Viru County1,1670.311 km²
20308NarvaIda-Viru County1,5090.649 km²
20309NarvaIda-Viru County1,4810.371 km²
20501NarvaIda-Viru County
20601NarvaIda-Viru County
20603NarvaIda-Viru County5030.132 km²
20604NarvaIda-Viru County1,0380.483 km²
20605NarvaIda-Viru County9770.614 km²
20606NarvaIda-Viru County3440.437 km²
20607NarvaIda-Viru County6580.26 km²
20608NarvaIda-Viru County5750.206 km²
20609NarvaIda-Viru County2,5372.688 km²
21001NarvaIda-Viru County
21003NarvaIda-Viru County2,6711.494 km²
21004NarvaIda-Viru County21,48743.1 km²
21005NarvaIda-Viru County5210.152 km²
21006NarvaIda-Viru County3870.18 km²
21007NarvaIda-Viru County5050.191 km²
21008NarvaIda-Viru County9410.27 km²
21020NarvaIda-Viru County1882.941 km²
21026NarvaIda-Viru County5753,042 m²
21028NarvaIda-Viru County1342,774 m²
21029NarvaIda-Viru County2478.4 km²
21030NarvaIda-Viru County1230.565 km²
21031NarvaIda-Viru County340.49 km²
21032NarvaIda-Viru County2852.936 km²
21034NarvaIda-Viru County4790.384 km²
21037NarvaIda-Viru County120.496 km²
21038NarvaIda-Viru County4120.768 km²
21041NarvaIda-Viru County2141.21 km²
21042NarvaIda-Viru County2311.209 km²
21043NarvaIda-Viru County20.315 km²
21045NarvaIda-Viru County0.439 km²
21047NarvaIda-Viru County10.134 km²
21048NarvaIda-Viru County0.354 km²
21049NarvaIda-Viru County0.136 km²
21050NarvaIda-Viru County0.218 km²
21051NarvaIda-Viru County150,702 m²
21055NarvaIda-Viru County70.225 km²
21056NarvaIda-Viru County67,075 m²
21057NarvaIda-Viru County79,535 m²
21058NarvaIda-Viru County70,669 m²
21060NarvaIda-Viru County0.278 km²
21061NarvaIda-Viru County170.526 km²
21063NarvaIda-Viru County0.35 km²
21064NarvaIda-Viru County360.28 km²
21068NarvaIda-Viru County0.207 km²
21069NarvaIda-Viru County0.314 km²
21070NarvaIda-Viru County10.169 km²
21071NarvaIda-Viru County0.314 km²
21072KudrukülaIda-Viru County130.367 km²
21074NarvaIda-Viru County65,335 m²
21075NarvaIda-Viru County69,594 m²
21076NarvaIda-Viru County240,250 m²

Narva, Ida-Viru County Demographic Information

Population Density519.9 / km²
Male Population19,520 (44.4%)
Female Population24,436 (55.6%)
Median Age45.2
Male Median Age39.9
Female Median Age49.4
Businesses in Narva, Ida-Viru County2,028
Population (1975)1,736
Population (2000)54,431
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +2,432%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -19.2%


Narva (Russian: Нарва) is the third largest city in Estonia. It is located at the eastern extreme point of Estonia, at the Russian border, on the Narva River which drains Lake Peipus.   ︎  Narva Wikipedia Page