110 Postal Codes in Tartu

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area38.8 km²
Population95,779 (More Details)
Male Population43,468 (45.4%)
Female Population52,311 (54.6%)
Median Age35.3
Postal Codes49125, 50050, 50088 (107 more)

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110 Postal Codes in Tartu, Tartu County

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
49125TartuTartu County438.3 km²
50050TartuTartu County
50088TartuTartu County
50089TartuTartu County
50090TartuTartu County
50091TartuTartu County
50093TartuTartu County
50094TartuTartu County
50095TartuTartu County
50096TartuTartu County
50098TartuTartu County
50099TartuTartu County
50101TartuTartu County
50103TartuTartu County6450.218 km²
50104TartuTartu County2,4660.586 km²
50105TartuTartu County2,8660.524 km²
50106TartuTartu County2,4170.626 km²
50107TartuTartu County1,7630.531 km²
50108TartuTartu County9800.164 km²
50109TartuTartu County2,0070.356 km²
50110TartuTartu County2,4830.761 km²
50111TartuTartu County1,3320.396 km²
50112TartuTartu County1,1490.214 km²
50113TartuTartu County2,0790.416 km²
50114TartuTartu County8010.157 km²
50115TartuTartu County8280.565 km²
50201TartuTartu County
50301TartuTartu County
50302TartuTartu County
50303TartuTartu County2,5480.935 km²
50304TartuTartu County1,4910.618 km²
50403TartuTartu County9430.521 km²
50404TartuTartu County1,6570.476 km²
50405TartuTartu County9970.39 km²
50406TartuTartu County2,4600.655 km²
50407TartuTartu County1,5020.42 km²
50408TartuTartu County5060.27 km²
50409TartuTartu County2,2620.686 km²
50410TartuTartu County1,3260.31 km²
50411TartuTartu County1,7570.912 km²
50412TartuTartu County1,9440.665 km²
50413TartuTartu County2380.124 km²
50414TartuTartu County8160.383 km²
50415TartuTartu County4390.225 km²
50416TartuTartu County4960.245 km²
50417TartuTartu County1640.154 km²
50501TartuTartu County74721,512 m²
50601TartuTartu County
50602TartuTartu County
50603TartuTartu County1,4500.617 km²
50604TartuTartu County1,3860.329 km²
50605TartuTartu County2,0821.008 km²
50606TartuTartu County4450.174 km²
50607TartuTartu County
50701TartuTartu County
50703TartuTartu County2,1400.634 km²
50704TartuTartu County6500.197 km²
50705TartuTartu County1,5840.514 km²
50706TartuTartu County1,3000.311 km²
50707TartuTartu County7640.439 km²
50708TartuTartu County7140.596 km²
50801TartuTartu County
51001TartuTartu County
51002TartuTartu County
51003TartuTartu County2,3250.419 km²
51004TartuTartu County1,8940.261 km²
51005TartuTartu County1,3360.458 km²
51006TartuTartu County1,0190.548 km²
51007TartuTartu County1,6200.659 km²
51008TartuTartu County2,0330.848 km²
51009TartuTartu County3,3461.753 km²
51010TartuTartu County1,7340.327 km²
51011TartuTartu County2,2326.5 km²
51013TartuTartu County10,0853.778 km²
51014TartuTartu County11,5574.903 km²
51017TartuTartu County600.195 km²
51111TartuTartu County
60412TartuTartu County5111.9 km²
60501TartuTartu County
60504TartuTartu County314.651 km²
60506TartuTartu County914.361 km²
60507TartuTartu County194.12 km²
60508TartuTartu County825.9 km²
60510TartuTartu County588.9 km²
60511TartuTartu County555.2 km²
60514TartuTartu County446.6 km²
60516TartuTartu County1289.2 km²
60518TartuTartu County4028.7 km²
60519TartuTartu County894.315 km²
60520TartuTartu County776.2 km²
60521TartuTartu County352.617 km²
60523TartuTartu County679.7 km²
60525TartuTartu County714.874 km²
60527TartuTartu County375.1 km²
60529TartuTartu County473.615 km²
60530TartuTartu County346.4 km²
60532TartuTartu County40413.7 km²
60533TartuTartu County35.3 km²
60538TartuTartu County759.8 km²
60539TartuTartu County236.5 km²
60541TartuTartu County592.129 km²
60542TartuTartu County585.5 km²
60549TartuTartu County1225.6 km²
60602TartuTartu County4618.4 km²
60606TartuTartu County4534.1 km²
61404KandikülaTartu County2133.599 km²
61406TartuTartu County6000.69 km²
61410TartuTartu County6226.6 km²
61501Elva, EstoniaTartu County
61502Elva, EstoniaTartu County

Tartu, Tartu County Demographic Information

Population Density2,468 / km²
Male Population43,468 (45.4%)
Female Population52,311 (54.6%)
Median Age35.3
Male Median Age32.4
Female Median Age37.8
Businesses in Tartu, Tartu County9,199
Population (1975)1,054
Population (2000)100,239
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +8,987.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -4.4%


Tartu (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈtɑrtˑˈtu], South Estonian: Tarto) is the second largest city of Estonia, following Estonia's political and financial capital Tallinn. Tartu is often considered the intellectual centre of the country, especially since ..  ︎  Tartu Wikipedia Page