33 Postal Codes in Valga, Estonia

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area16.5 km²
Population12,002 (More Details)
Male Population5,444 (45.4%)
Female Population6,558 (54.6%)
Median Age44.1
Postal Codes67102, 67103, 67104 (30 more)

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33 Postal Codes in Valga, Estonia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
67102Valga, EstoniaValga County433.57 km²
67103Valga, EstoniaValga County105.6 km²
67104Valga, EstoniaValga County1113.1 km²
67106Valga, EstoniaValga County19.8 km²
67107Valga, EstoniaValga County2524.1 km²
67108Valga, EstoniaValga County3811.4 km²
68004Valga, EstoniaValga County2514.2 km²
68005Valga, EstoniaValga County214.951 km²
68006Valga, EstoniaValga County817.1 km²
68008Valga, EstoniaValga County17.4 km²
68010Valga, EstoniaValga County2618.3 km²
68107Valga, EstoniaValga County73.607 km²
68108Valga, EstoniaValga County235.7 km²
68109Valga, EstoniaValga County1111.5 km²
68114Valga, EstoniaValga County2520.4 km²
68201Valga, EstoniaValga County
68202Valga, EstoniaValga County
68203Valga, EstoniaValga County1,7850.66 km²
68204Valga, EstoniaValga County2,8100.912 km²
68205Valga, EstoniaValga County3,2615.7 km²
68206Valga, EstoniaValga County2,1213.454 km²
68207Valga, EstoniaValga County2,2071.815 km²
68208Valga, EstoniaValga County362.546 km²
68209Valga, EstoniaValga County11.696 km²
68217Valga, EstoniaValga County749.7 km²
68220Valga, EstoniaValga County
68306Valga, EstoniaValga County410.3 km²
68308Valga, EstoniaValga County5317.2 km²
68309Valga, EstoniaValga County106.1 km²
68310Valga, EstoniaValga County4114.3 km²
68311Valga, EstoniaValga County2013.2 km²
68312Valga, EstoniaValga County5211.9 km²
68313Valga, EstoniaValga County4922.3 km²

Valga, Estonia Demographic Information

Population Density725.6 / km²
Male Population5,444 (45.4%)
Female Population6,558 (54.6%)
Median Age44.1
Male Median Age39.6
Female Median Age47.8
Businesses in Valga, Estonia687
Population (1975)1,097
Population (2000)14,788
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +994.1%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 -18.8%

Valga, Estonia

Valga (German: Walk) is a town in southern Estonia and the capital of Valga County. Until their separation in 1920, Valga and the town of Valka in northern Latvia were one town. They are now twin-towns. The area of Valga is 16.5 square kilometres (6...  ︎  Valga, Estonia Wikipedia Page