39 Postal Codes in Vaasa

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TimezoneEastern European Time
Area45.5 km²
Population50,464 (More Details)
Male Population24,957 (49.5%)
Female Population25,507 (50.5%)
Median Age38.3
Postal Codes65100, 65130, 65170 (36 more)
Area Code6

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39 Postal Codes in Vaasa, Ostrobothnia (region)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
65100VaasaOstrobothnia (region)17,6226 km²
65130VaasaOstrobothnia (region)2470.167 km²
65170VaasaOstrobothnia (region)3,4812.612 km²
65200VaasaOstrobothnia (region)3,9771.784 km²
65201VaasaOstrobothnia (region)
65230VaasaOstrobothnia (region)4,2834.127 km²
65231VaasaOstrobothnia (region)
65280VaasaOstrobothnia (region)3,23220.9 km²
65300VaasaOstrobothnia (region)5,1114.947 km²
65301VaasaOstrobothnia (region)
65320VaasaOstrobothnia (region)6,0225.8 km²
65350VaasaOstrobothnia (region)3,6324.064 km²
65351VaasaOstrobothnia (region)
65370VaasaOstrobothnia (region)3,59513.9 km²
65380VaasaOstrobothnia (region)6,95239.1 km²
65410VaasaOstrobothnia (region)3,101121.5 km²
65450VaasaOstrobothnia (region)2,03968.4 km²
65460VaasaOstrobothnia (region)42814.2 km²
65470VaasaOstrobothnia (region)8815.1 km²
65480VaasaOstrobothnia (region)2089.7 km²
65520VaasaOstrobothnia (region)2,14758.6 km²
65630VaasaOstrobothnia (region)63416.9 km²
65650VaasaOstrobothnia (region)11819.6 km²
65710VaasaOstrobothnia (region)4987.4 km²
65920VaasaOstrobothnia (region)30437.3 km²
65930VaasaOstrobothnia (region)20141 km²
65970VaasaOstrobothnia (region)21347.3 km²
66210VaasaOstrobothnia (region)48374.4 km²
66230VaasaOstrobothnia (region)14819.3 km²
66510VaasaOstrobothnia (region)63033.6 km²
66520VaasaOstrobothnia (region)81048.4 km²
66540VaasaOstrobothnia (region)38735.2 km²
66550VaasaOstrobothnia (region)53721.1 km²
66560VaasaOstrobothnia (region)41330 km²
66580VaasaOstrobothnia (region)40536.9 km²
66590VaasaOstrobothnia (region)6917.2 km²
66660VaasaOstrobothnia (region)15726.5 km²
66730VaasaOstrobothnia (region)5021.2 km²
66999VaasaOstrobothnia (region)2826.1 km²

Vaasa, Ostrobothnia (region) Demographic Information

Population Density1,109 / km²
Male Population24,957 (49.5%)
Female Population25,507 (50.5%)
Median Age38.3
Male Median Age36.2
Female Median Age40.4
Businesses in Vaasa, Ostrobothnia (region)6,808
Population (1975)37,990
Population (2000)45,986
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +32.8%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +9.7%


Vaasa (Finnish: [ˈʋɑːsɑ]; Swedish: Vasa, IPA: [ˈvɑːsa]) is a city on the west coast of Finland. It received its charter in 1606, during the reign of Charles IX of Sweden and is named after the Royal House of Vasa. Today, Vaasa has a population of 66,..  ︎  Vaasa Wikipedia Page