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The average area for zip codes in Germany is 43.2 km² with the largest being 17268 in Boitzenburg, Brandenburg at 848.7 km² and the smallest being 60308 in Frankfurter-Berg, Hessen at 0.297 km². In Germany the average population for a postal code is 9,754 with the most populated being zip code 21129 in Hamburg, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg at 98,395. The average population density for a postal code in Germany is 754.4 / km² with the densest being zip code 80331 in Munich, Bavaria at 9,393 / km². The postal code with the oldest population is 98527 in Suhl, Thuringia with a median age of 51.6. The fastest growing postal code is 99098 in Erfurt, Thuringia with population growth of 106.3% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 4.9% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area35,768 km²
Population81.8 million
Population Density2,287 / km²
Postal Codes07985, 07987, 07989 (8,372 more)
Area Codes151, 152, 1521 (5,221 more)
Businesses in Germany5,588,598

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8,375 Postal Codes in Germany

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
07985ElsterbergSaxony5,15745.7 km²
07987MohlsdorfThuringia2,50124.1 km²
07989TeichwolframsdorfThuringia1,87921.5 km²
08056ZwickauSaxony27,85913.9 km²
08058ZwickauSaxony13,38011.2 km²
08060ZwickauSaxony9,1148.8 km²
08062ZwickauSaxony4,9953.542 km²
08064ZwickauSaxony5,18710.1 km²
08066ZwickauSaxony15,23715.4 km²
08107ZwickauSaxony9,76766.9 km²
08112Wilkau-HaßlauSaxony8,74410.8 km²
08115LichtentanneSaxony5,79023.7 km²
08118Hartenstein, SaxonySaxony4,74338 km²
08121Saxony3,56914.6 km²
08124Saxony3,7523.175 km²
08129Saxony7,72521.7 km²
08132MülsenSaxony4,45513.7 km²
08134WildenfelsSaxony4,46932.5 km²
08138Saxony3,84920.9 km²
08141Reinsdorf, SaxonySaxony4,48615.1 km²
08144ZwickauSaxony2,54929.3 km²
08146Reinsdorf, SaxonySaxony3,86118.7 km²
08147Saxony1,99919.2 km²
08149Reinsdorf, SaxonySaxony3,4495.9 km²
08209AuerbachSaxony19,03155.3 km²
08223Falkenstein, SaxonySaxony11,74270.5 km²
08228RodewischSaxony6,23433.8 km²
08233TreuenSaxony8,00842.4 km²
08236EllefeldSaxony2,5994.777 km²
08237Saxony2,65513.3 km²
08239Saxony1,88522.7 km²
08248KlingenthalSaxony7,68231.5 km²
08258MarkneukirchenSaxony6,43450.1 km²
08261Schöneck, SaxonySaxony3,23954.5 km²
08262TannenbergsthalSaxony2,31447.8 km²
08265Erlbach, SaxonySaxony1,42819.9 km²
08267ZwotaSaxony1,53622.8 km²
08269HammerbrückeSaxony8598.3 km²
08280AueSaxony16,69923.2 km²
08289Schneeberg, SaxonySaxony13,10723.2 km²
08294LößnitzSaxony8,64230.6 km²
08297ZwönitzSaxony7,67734.7 km²
08301Bad SchlemaSaxony5,84515.5 km²
08304Schönheide OstSaxony4,83730.6 km²
08309EibenstockSaxony5,30966.6 km²
08312Lauter, SaxonySaxony4,78521.3 km²
08315BernsbachSaxony4,0478.8 km²
08318Saxony76912.1 km²
08321ZschorlauSaxony4,84018.3 km²
08324BockauSaxony2,33119.5 km²
08325Saxony78024.1 km²
08326Sosa, GermanySaxony1,53621.4 km²
08328StützengrünSaxony2,55916.9 km²
08340Schwarzenberg, SaxonySaxony19,85740.4 km²
08349ErlabrunnSaxony4,25938.2 km²
08352RaschauSaxony6,04152.5 km²
08355RittersgrünSaxony68922.9 km²
08358Grünhain-BeierfeldSaxony2,63316.7 km²
08359Breitenbrunn, SaxonySaxony4,82329.4 km²
08371GlauchauSaxony23,11655 km²
08373RemseSaxony1,38414.3 km²
08393DennheritzSaxony17,18049 km²
08396Waldenburg, SaxonySaxony4,94437.6 km²
08399MittelfrohnaSaxony1,35517 km²
08412WerdauSaxony15,72550.2 km²
08427FraureuthSaxony5,73622.4 km²
08428LangenbernsdorfSaxony3,62736 km²
08432WerdauSaxony2,4737.3 km²
08439Saxony3,14919.4 km²
08451CrimmitschauSaxony18,77854.5 km²
08459ZwickauSaxony4,32616.5 km²
08468Reichenbach im VogtlandSaxony20,48650.8 km²
08485LengenfeldSaxony7,33147.2 km²
08491NetzschkauSaxony5,30327.2 km²
08496NeumarkSaxony2,92017.8 km²
08499MylauSaxony3,0245.4 km²
08523PlauenSaxony18,0537.6 km²
08525PlauenSaxony15,28523.4 km²
08527PlauenSaxony14,56859 km²
08529PlauenSaxony12,29712.1 km²
08538Saxony5,734110 km²
08539MehltheuerSaxony2,87739.7 km²
08541NeuensalzSaxony4,21350.7 km²
08543Saxony2,63836.5 km²
08547Saxony1,31813.4 km²
08548SyrauSaxony1,03215.2 km²
08606Saxony14,647153.8 km²
08626AdorfSaxony7,700115.2 km²
08645Bad ElsterSaxony3,71120.6 km²
08648Bad BrambachSaxony1,86044.4 km²
09111ChemnitzSaxony12,1562.896 km²
09112ChemnitzSaxony8,5222.298 km²
09113ChemnitzSaxony10,3204.485 km²
09114ChemnitzSaxony20,94821 km²
09116ChemnitzSaxony23,28414.2 km²
09117ChemnitzSaxony19,20515 km²
09119ChemnitzSaxony8,5232.622 km²
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