41 Postal Codes in Leipzig

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TimezoneCentral European Time
Area201.4 km²
Population506,549 (More Details)
Male Population243,403 (48.1%)
Female Population263,147 (51.9%)
Median Age43.6
Postal Codes04103, 04105, 04107 (38 more)
Area Codes341, 34207, 34291 (3 more)

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41 Postal Codes in Leipzig, Saxony

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
04103LeipzigSaxony23,2244.323 km²
04105LeipzigSaxony17,5755.5 km²
04107LeipzigSaxony7,0191.507 km²
04109LeipzigSaxony12,7562.548 km²
04129LeipzigSaxony19,3984.672 km²
04155LeipzigSaxony9,7322.059 km²
04157LeipzigSaxony10,6813.349 km²
04159LeipzigSaxony23,5269.1 km²
04177LeipzigSaxony10,8313.274 km²
04179LeipzigSaxony22,9527.9 km²
04205LeipzigSaxony17,5167.7 km²
04207LeipzigSaxony18,3288.4 km²
04209LeipzigSaxony6,5661.749 km²
04229LeipzigSaxony20,3456.2 km²
04249LeipzigSaxony29,60822.6 km²
04275LeipzigSaxony10,3702.352 km²
04277LeipzigSaxony19,2918.5 km²
04279LeipzigSaxony10,1526.2 km²
04289LeipzigSaxony9,2725.6 km²
04299LeipzigSaxony10,5834.581 km²
04315LeipzigSaxony9,3981.815 km²
04317LeipzigSaxony10,4062.062 km²
04318LeipzigSaxony13,8424.468 km²
04328LeipzigSaxony5,9421.48 km²
04329LeipzigSaxony9,1746.7 km²
04347LeipzigSaxony17,9046 km²
04349LeipzigSaxony15,78914.8 km²
04356LeipzigSaxony6,16518.1 km²
04357LeipzigSaxony12,3455.8 km²
04430LeipzigSaxony25,90231.5 km²
04445MarkkleebergSaxony6,0118.9 km²
04454LeipzigSaxony5,23713.1 km²
04457LeipzigSaxony8,5005.4 km²
04466LeipzigSaxony6,38112.7 km²
04469Saxony10,20212.4 km²
04651LeipzigSaxony7,06757.2 km²
04824LeipzigSaxony3,0129.6 km²

Leipzig, Saxony Demographic Information

Population Density2,515 / km²
Male Population243,403 (48.1%)
Female Population263,147 (51.9%)
Median Age43.6
Male Median Age41.5
Female Median Age45.6
Businesses in Leipzig, Saxony40,595
Population (1975)457,588
Population (2000)503,557
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +10.7%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +0.6%


Leipzig (/ˈlaɪpsɪɡ/; German: [ˈlaɪptsɪç]) is the largest city in the federal state of Saxony, Germany. With its population of 544,479 inhabitants (1,001,220 residents in the larger urban zone) Leipzig, one of Germany's top 15 cities by population, is..  ︎  Leipzig Wikipedia Page