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The average area for zip codes in Iceland is 802.8 km² with the largest being 701 in Austurland at 10,355.1 km² and the smallest being 345 in Vestfirðir at 0.52 km². In Iceland the average population for a postal code is 2,503 with the most populated being zip code 112 in Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæði at 26,165. The average population density for a postal code in Iceland is 337.1 / km² with the densest being zip code 107 in Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæði at 4,153 / km². The median age for postal codes in Iceland range from 30.4 years old for 245 in Sandgerði, Suðurnes to 46.2 years old for 880 in Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Suðurland. The fastest growing postal code is 113 in Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæði with population growth of 456.1% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 12.1% per year.

TimezoneIceland Time
Postal Codes101, 102, 103 (148 more)
Area Codes4, 421, 462 (8 more)
Businesses in Iceland20,228

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
101 - 225, 270 - 276Capital Region (Iceland)39
230 - 260Southern Peninsula (Iceland)9
300 - 371Western Region (Iceland)14
380 - 524Westfjords21
530 - 570Northwestern Region (Iceland)11
580 - 685Northeastern Region (Iceland)22
690 - 785Eastern Region (Iceland)16
800 - 902Southern Region (Iceland)18

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151 Postal Codes in Iceland

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
101ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)11,3096.8 km²
102ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
103ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)2,3180.72 km²
104ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)10,8976.4 km²
105ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)11,2373.638 km²
107ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)6,3281.524 km²
108ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)12,5164.113 km²
109ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)8,9093.953 km²
110ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)16,775332.8 km²
111ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)5,2942.365 km²
112ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)26,1659.2 km²
113ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)2,26912.1 km²
116Capital Region (Iceland)839142.5 km²
121ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
123ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
124ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
125ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
127ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
128ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
129ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
130ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
132ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
150ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
155ReykjavíkCapital Region (Iceland)
170SeltjarnarnesCapital Region (Iceland)3,6812.1 km²
172SeltjarnarnesCapital Region (Iceland)
190VogarSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)1,336159.1 km²
200KópavogurCapital Region (Iceland)19,6225.3 km²
201KópavogurCapital Region (Iceland)13,0334.026 km²
202KópavogurCapital Region (Iceland)
203KópavogurCapital Region (Iceland)2,7617.5 km²
210GarðabærCapital Region (Iceland)14,52640.7 km²
212GarðabærCapital Region (Iceland)
220HafnarfjörðurCapital Region (Iceland)15,79710.9 km²
221HafnarfjörðurCapital Region (Iceland)12,02388.9 km²
222HafnarfjörðurCapital Region (Iceland)
225ÁlftanesCapital Region (Iceland)2,0275.2 km²
230KeflavíkSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)8,60341.4 km²
232ReykjanesbærSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)
233ReykjanesbærSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)1150.3 km²
235KeflavíkSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)2,00186.5 km²
240GrindavíkSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)2,768503.8 km²
245SandgerðiSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)1,44624.8 km²
250GarðurSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)1,60315.6 km²
260NjarðvíkSouthern Peninsula (Iceland)5,0956.8 km²
270MosfellsbærCapital Region (Iceland)8,88817.5 km²
271MosfellsbærCapital Region (Iceland)545164.2 km²
276MosfellsbærCapital Region (Iceland)232287.3 km²
300AkranesWestern Region (Iceland)6,7188.8 km²
301Western Region (Iceland)357494.4 km²
302AkranesWestern Region (Iceland)
310BorgarnesWestern Region (Iceland)2,75217.6 km²
311Western Region (Iceland)6085,482.5 km²
320Western Region (Iceland)836.7 km²
340StykkishólmurWestern Region (Iceland)1,041255.3 km²
345Westfjords0.52 km²
350GrundarfjörðurWestern Region (Iceland)871152.1 km²
355ÓlafsvíkWestern Region (Iceland)8696.7 km²
356BúðirWestern Region (Iceland)104571.2 km²
360HellissandurWestern Region (Iceland)346106.5 km²
370BúðardalurWestern Region (Iceland)4640.769 km²
371BúðardalurWestern Region (Iceland)1392,423.4 km²
380ReykhólarWestfjords2661,101.4 km²
400ÍsafjörðurWestfjords2,856126.2 km²
401Westfjords201,777.2 km²
410HnífsdalurWestfjords3015.2 km²
415BolungarvíkWestfjords809108.3 km²
420SúðavíkWestfjords67104.5 km²
425FlateyriWestfjords353134.7 km²
430SuðureyriWestfjords106.9 km²
450PatreksfjörðurWestfjords17537.7 km²
451PatreksfjörðurWestfjords299939.1 km²
460TálknafjörðurWestfjords266190.7 km²
465BíldudalurWestfjords209586.9 km²
470ThingeyriWestfjords40.2 km²
471ThingeyriWestfjords584.9 km²
500Westfjords855.9 km²
510HólmavíkWestfjords4981,267.6 km²
512HólmavíkWestfjords1822.5 km²
520DrangsnesWestfjords630.3 km²
523Western Region (Iceland)
524Westfjords43702.4 km²
530HvammstangiNorthwestern Region (Iceland)9953.86 km²
531Northwestern Region (Iceland)12,315.3 km²
540BlönduósNorthwestern Region (Iceland)80512.7 km²
541Northwestern Region (Iceland)4124,205 km²
545SkagaströndNorthwestern Region (Iceland)517322.4 km²
550SauðárkrókurNorthwestern Region (Iceland)3,30820.6 km²
551SauðárkrókurNorthwestern Region (Iceland)1991,489.5 km²
560Northwestern Region (Iceland)4863,981 km²
565HofsósNorthwestern Region (Iceland)470.769 km²
566HofsósNorthwestern Region (Iceland)4226.7 km²
570Northwestern Region (Iceland)426.6 km²
580SiglufjörðurNortheastern Region (Iceland)1,501112.8 km²
600AkureyriNortheastern Region (Iceland)5,87056.9 km²
601AkureyriNortheastern Region (Iceland)2,1173,191 km²
602AkureyriNortheastern Region (Iceland)
603AkureyriNortheastern Region (Iceland)8,00065 km²
610GrýtubakkahreppurNortheastern Region (Iceland)231306.7 km²
611Northeastern Region (Iceland)2,2974.32 km²
620DalvíkNortheastern Region (Iceland)5234.588 km²
621DalvíkNortheastern Region (Iceland)1,140591.5 km²
625Northeastern Region (Iceland)253251.7 km²
630Northeastern Region (Iceland)7.4 km²
640NorðurþingNortheastern Region (Iceland)1,57517.4 km²
641NorðurþingNortheastern Region (Iceland)1971,497.6 km²
645Northeastern Region (Iceland)5465,621.1 km²
650LaugarNortheastern Region (Iceland)13.083 km²
660Northeastern Region (Iceland)3415,450.8 km²
670KópaskerNortheastern Region (Iceland)1062.057 km²
671KópaskerNortheastern Region (Iceland)362,371.7 km²
675RaufarhöfnNortheastern Region (Iceland)69537.1 km²
680ÞórshöfnNortheastern Region (Iceland)3491.899 km²
681ÞórshöfnNortheastern Region (Iceland)1321,942.3 km²
685BakkafjörðurNortheastern Region (Iceland)7596.4 km²
690Eastern Region (Iceland)5631,927.2 km²
700EgilsstaðirEastern Region (Iceland)3,63218.1 km²
701Eastern Region (Iceland)13210,355.1 km²
710Eastern Region (Iceland)612218.4 km²
715Eastern Region (Iceland)129.8 km²
720BakkagerðiEastern Region (Iceland)97440.9 km²
730ReyðarfjörðurEastern Region (Iceland)1,908243.6 km²
735EskifjörðurEastern Region (Iceland)80196 km²
740NeskaupstaðurEastern Region (Iceland)1,969267.5 km²
750FáskrúðsfjörðurEastern Region (Iceland)300249.3 km²
755StöðvarfjörðurEastern Region (Iceland)3082.2 km²
760BreiðdalsvíkEastern Region (Iceland)166452.8 km²
765DjúpivogurEastern Region (Iceland)4041,153.4 km²
780HöfnEastern Region (Iceland)14.021 km²
781Eastern Region (Iceland)8992,894.9 km²
785Eastern Region (Iceland)1,0013,356.1 km²
800Selfoss (town)Southern Region (Iceland)8,05911.8 km²
801Southern Region (Iceland)1,7787,003.3 km²
802Selfoss (town)Southern Region (Iceland)
810HveragerðiSouthern Region (Iceland)2,4038.4 km²
815ÞorlákshöfnSouthern Region (Iceland)1,9365.9 km²
816Southern Region (Iceland)194536.7 km²
820EyrarbakkiSouthern Region (Iceland)21335.5 km²
825StokkseyriSouthern Region (Iceland)46517 km²
840LaugarvatnSouthern Region (Iceland)7646 km²
845Southern Region (Iceland)8061,195.9 km²
850Hella, IcelandSouthern Region (Iceland)1,4977.5 km²
851Southern Region (Iceland)2716,094.7 km²
860HvolsvöllurSouthern Region (Iceland)1.766 km²
861HvolsvöllurSouthern Region (Iceland)1,7371,898.1 km²
870Vík í MýrdalSouthern Region (Iceland)4519.9 km²
871Vík í MýrdalSouthern Region (Iceland)9746 km²
880KirkjubæjarklausturSouthern Region (Iceland)3806,932.9 km²
9003,81516.1 km²
902VestmannaeyjarSouthern Region (Iceland)


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