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Postal Code 602 - Akureyri, Northeastern Region (Iceland)

Primary CityAkureyri
Area Codes462
Local TimeTuesday 10:45 AM
TimezoneGreenwich Mean Time
Coordinates65.683° / -18.0908°
Related Postal Codes600601603610611620

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/18/1810:40 PM4.382.9 km10,000 m43km NNW of Husavik, Icelandusgs.gov
2/18/1810:32 PM4.482.4 km10,000 m41km NNW of Husavik, Icelandusgs.gov
2/18/189:38 PM4.992.7 km10,000 m52km NNW of Husavik, Icelandusgs.gov
2/18/189:34 PM4.882.6 km10,000 m44km NNW of Husavik, Icelandusgs.gov
2/18/187:04 PM4.293.6 km10,000 m54km NNW of Husavik, Icelandusgs.gov
2/15/1811:37 AM4.276.1 km10,000 m44km NW of Husavik, Icelandusgs.gov
4/4/134:45 PM4.280.1 km10,000 m37km NNW of Husavik, Icelandusgs.gov
4/2/132:04 AM4.192.2 km10,000 mIceland regionusgs.gov
4/1/136:13 PM4.385 km17,900 mIceland regionusgs.gov
4/1/135:59 PM5.385.8 km10,000 m46km NNW of Husavik, Icelandusgs.gov

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Primary City

Akureyri [ˈaːkʰʏrˌeiːrɪ] is a small city in northern Iceland. It is Iceland's second largest urban area (after the Capital Region) and fourth largest municipality (after Reykjavík, Hafnarfjörður, and Kópavogur). the Capital of North Iceland, Akureyr..  ︎  Akureyri Wikipedia Page