59 Pin Codes in Arunachal Pradesh

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TimezoneIndia Time
Area83,743 km²
Population1.5 million (More Details)
Male Population791,774 (51.6%)
Female Population742,679 (48.4%)
Median Age21.8
Pin Codes786174, 786179, 786181 (56 more)
Area Codes360, 3786, 3808

Postal Code Ranges

Pin CodesCityNumber of postal codes
786174 - 786181Margherita, Assam4
790104 - 790106Tawang Town3
791111 - 791113Itanagar2

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59 Pin Codes in Arunachal Pradesh

Pin CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
786174Margherita, AssamArunachal Pradesh13,295177.2 km²
786179Margherita, AssamArunachal Pradesh5,66551 km²
786181Margherita, AssamArunachal Pradesh40,67236.4 km²
786182LekhapaniArunachal Pradesh7,731173.1 km²
786188Margherita, AssamArunachal Pradesh536142.4 km²
786629Arunachal Pradesh
786630Arunachal Pradesh
786631Arunachal Pradesh
790001Arunachal Pradesh6,305970 km²
790002Arunachal Pradesh9,085586.5 km²
790003Arunachal Pradesh11,911555.6 km²
790101Arunachal Pradesh24,2031,436.9 km²
790102Arunachal Pradesh92,9095,836.3 km²
790103Arunachal Pradesh3,0451,048.3 km²
790104Tawang TownArunachal Pradesh11,329194.2 km²
790105Tawang TownArunachal Pradesh27,8241,119 km²
790106Tawang TownArunachal Pradesh11,972738.3 km²
790114Arunachal Pradesh12,736662.2 km²
790116Arunachal Pradesh23,052392 km²
791001Arunachal Pradesh72,9525,083.5 km²
791002Arunachal Pradesh25,3642,109.6 km²
791003Arunachal Pradesh5,4661,108.1 km²
791101Arunachal Pradesh24,9921,196 km²
791102PasighatArunachal Pradesh97,0202,987.9 km²
791103PasighatArunachal Pradesh6,99079.2 km²
791104Arunachal Pradesh17,822905.7 km²
791105Arunachal Pradesh6,1183,701.6 km²
791109Arunachal Pradesh18,89372.4 km²
791110NaharlagunArunachal Pradesh32,65558 km²
791111ItanagarArunachal Pradesh38,22170.2 km²
791112Arunachal Pradesh41,3851,186.6 km²
791113ItanagarArunachal Pradesh27,118141.3 km²
791114Arunachal Pradesh
791118Arunachal Pradesh122,0746,861.5 km²
791119ZiroArunachal Pradesh13,938935.8 km²
791120Arunachal Pradesh91,3652,372.8 km²
791121Arunachal Pradesh20,393711.3 km²
791122Arunachal Pradesh104,4836,701.9 km²
791123Arunachal Pradesh10,706709 km²
791125Arunachal Pradesh7,1551,338 km²
792001TezuArunachal Pradesh29,650951.5 km²
792051Arunachal Pradesh
792055Arunachal Pradesh4,126652.9 km²
792056Arunachal Pradesh19,095254.1 km²
792061Arunachal Pradesh
792101Arunachal Pradesh9,5669,387 km²
792102Arunachal Pradesh31,1041,955.9 km²
792103Arunachal Pradesh42,381387.9 km²
792104Arunachal Pradesh20,0486,102.1 km²
792105Arunachal Pradesh49,022154 km²
792110Arunachal Pradesh58,5193,789.2 km²
792111Arunachal Pradesh17,934813 km²
792120Arunachal Pradesh27,708787 km²
792121Arunachal Pradesh15,721586 km²
792122Miao, Arunachal PradeshArunachal Pradesh80,3332,165.2 km²
792123NampongArunachal Pradesh5,382692.7 km²
792129Arunachal Pradesh14,776349.5 km²
792130Arunachal Pradesh53,254910.7 km²
792131Arunachal Pradesh44,790650.2 km²

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Arunachal Pradesh Demographic Information

Population1.5 million
Population Density18.3 / km²
Male Population791,774 (51.6%)
Female Population742,679 (48.4%)
Median Age21.8
Male Median Age22.3
Female Median Age21.2
Businesses in Arunachal Pradesh788
Population (1975)590,095
Population (2000)1,098,434
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +160%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +39.7%

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh /ˌɑːrəˌnɑːtʃəl prəˈdɛʃ/ (अरुणाचल प्रदेश) is one of the twenty-nine states of the Republic of India. Located in northeast India, it holds the most north-eastern position among the states in the north-east region of India. Arunachal P..  ︎  Arunachal Pradesh Wikipedia Page