TimezoneIndia Time
Area127.3 km²
Population804,745 (More Details)
Male Population415,807 (51.7%)
Female Population388,939 (48.3%)
Median Age27.9
Pin Codes713300, 713301, 713302 (44 more)
Area Code341

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47 Pin Codes in Asansol, West Bengal

Pin CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
713300AsansolWest Bengal
713301AsansolWest Bengal144,4583.47 km²
713302AsansolWest Bengal33,1276.7 km²
713303AsansolWest Bengal318,3918 km²
713304AsansolWest Bengal208,6207.3 km²
713305AsansolWest Bengal12,2817.5 km²
713315AsansolWest Bengal17,03277.1 km²
713324AsansolWest Bengal71,90678.9 km²
713325AsansolWest Bengal526,34037.4 km²
713326AsansolWest Bengal26,2541.552 km²
713331AsansolWest Bengal34,19211.1 km²
713332AsansolWest Bengal10,44510.5 km²
713333AsansolWest Bengal102,83312 km²
713335AsansolWest Bengal58,01265.7 km²
713336AsansolWest Bengal37,08865.3 km²
713337AsansolWest Bengal56,48714.3 km²
713339AsansolWest Bengal43,29918.1 km²
713340AsansolWest Bengal33,11819.9 km²
713341AsansolWest Bengal8,96116.8 km²
713342AsansolWest Bengal5,5847.1 km²
713343AsansolWest Bengal389,01431.1 km²
713347AsansolWest Bengal131,02376.9 km²
713358AsansolWest Bengal34,42217.2 km²
713359AsansolWest Bengal225,41580.3 km²
713360AsansolWest Bengal75,26612.8 km²
713362AsansolWest Bengal11,57348.7 km²
713367AsansolWest Bengal
713369AsansolWest Bengal9,2298.7 km²
713370AsansolWest Bengal12,5312.554 km²
713371AsansolWest Bengal218,10224.1 km²
713372AsansolWest Bengal35,0032.888 km²
713373AsansolWest Bengal13,1449 km²
713375AsansolWest Bengal1,8231.349 km²
713376AsansolWest Bengal2,1233.352 km²
713384AsansolWest Bengal4,6826.5 km²
722143AsansolWest Bengal98,508171.7 km²
722153AsansolWest Bengal42,68890.2 km²
722158AsansolWest Bengal64,241132.8 km²
723142AsansolWest Bengal26,21021.7 km²
723156AsansolWest Bengal23,044133.1 km²
723161AsansolWest Bengal51,07647.1 km²
815354AsansolWest Bengal104,70494.9 km²
828102AsansolWest Bengal3143.905 km²
828203AsansolWest Bengal39,47615.6 km²
828204AsansolWest Bengal61,471100.3 km²
828205AsansolWest Bengal161,493225.8 km²
828206AsansolWest Bengal1,5723.166 km²

Asansol, West Bengal Demographic Information

Population Density6,321 / km²
Male Population415,807 (51.7%)
Female Population388,939 (48.3%)
Median Age27.9
Male Median Age27.9
Female Median Age27.8
Businesses in Asansol, West Bengal3,197
Population (1975)496,116
Population (2000)731,700
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +62.2%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +10%


Asansol - The City Of city is in Bardhaman District in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is the second largest city in West Bengal after Kolkata and the 35th largest urban agglomeration in India. According to a 2010 report released by the Interna..  ︎  Asansol Wikipedia Page