93 Postal Codes in Riau Islands

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TimezoneIndonesia (Pontianak) Time
Area8,201.7 km²
Population1.8 million (More Details)
Male Population908,866 (51.3%)
Female Population861,358 (48.7%)
Median Age26
Postal Codes29111, 29112, 29113 (90 more)
Area Codes6, 77, 771

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
29111 - 29136Tanjung Pinang15

93 Postal Codes in Riau Islands

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionCity Population
29111Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29112Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29113Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29114Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29115Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29121Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29122Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29123Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29124Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29125Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29132Riau Islands
29133Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29134Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29135Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29136Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29151Riau Islands
29152Riau Islands
29153Riau Islands
29155Riau Islands
29161Riau Islands
29162Riau Islands
29171Riau Islands
29172Riau Islands
29173Riau Islands
29182Riau Islands
29183Riau Islands
29191Riau Islands
29193Tanjung PinangRiau Islands192,493
29400Riau Islands
29412Riau Islands
29413Riau Islands
29414Riau Islands
29415Riau Islands
29416Riau Islands
29421Riau Islands
29422Riau Islands
29424Riau Islands
29425Riau Islands
29426Riau Islands
29427Riau Islands
29428Riau Islands
29431Riau Islands
29432Riau Islands
29434Riau Islands
29435Riau Islands
29436Riau Islands
29438Riau Islands
29439Riau Islands
29441Riau Islands
29442Riau Islands
29443Riau Islands
29444Riau Islands
29445Riau Islands
29452Riau Islands
29454Riau Islands
29455Riau Islands
29456Riau Islands
29457Riau Islands
29458Riau Islands
29461Riau Islands
29462Riau Islands
29463Riau Islands
29464Riau Islands
29465Riau Islands
29466Riau Islands
29467Riau Islands
29468Riau Islands
29471Riau Islands
29472Riau Islands
29473Riau Islands
29474Riau Islands
29475Riau Islands
29476Riau Islands
29481Riau Islands
29482Riau Islands
29483Riau Islands
29484Riau Islands
29485Riau Islands
29486Riau Islands
29487Riau Islands
29661Riau Islands
29662Riau Islands
29663Riau Islands
29664Riau Islands
29781Riau Islands
29782Riau Islands
29783Riau Islands
29784Riau Islands
29871Riau Islands
29872Riau Islands
29873Riau Islands
29874Riau Islands
29875Riau Islands

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Riau Islands Demographic Information

Population1.8 million
Population Density215.8 / km²
Male Population908,866 (51.3%)
Female Population861,358 (48.7%)
Median Age26
Male Median Age26.5
Female Median Age25.4
Businesses in Riau Islands4,624
Population (1975)301,381
Population (2000)880,695
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +487.4%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +101%

Riau Islands

Riau Islands Province (Indonesian; Provinsi Kepulauan Riau, acronym; Kepri, Jawi: كڤولاوان رياو‎, Chinese: 廖内群岛; pinyin: Liào nèi qúndǎo), is a province of Indonesia. It comprises the principal group of the Riau Archipelago, together with other islan..  ︎  Riau Islands Wikipedia Page