TimezoneIsle of Man Time
Postal DistrictsIM7, IM99
Postal CodesIM7 4AN, IM7 4AX, IM7 4BQ (5 more)
Businesses in Bride (parish)7

2 Postal Districts in Bride (parish)

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Bride (parish)

(Manx: Skeerey Vreeshey), named after St. Brigid, is a parish in the Sheading of Ayre and lies in the extreme north of the Isle of Man. The parish lies to the east of Andreas and to the north of Lezayre, bordering the sea to the north and east. The..  ︎  Bride (parish) Wikipedia Page

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CityAdministrative RegionCountry Or RegionCity PopulationPostal Codes
JurbyJurbyIsle of ManIM7IM99
LezayreLezayreIsle of ManIM7
Maughold (parish)Maughold (parish)Isle of ManIM7IM99
Sulby, Isle of ManIsle of ManIM7IM99