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Postal Code 46106 - Herzliya, Tel Aviv District

Primary CityHerzliya
Area Codes9
Local TimeThursday 9:32 AM
TimezoneIsrael Daylight Time
Coordinates32.16241° / 34.84468°
Related Postal Codes461004610146103461054610746108

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/4/1812:45 PM4.790.1 km10,000 m5km SE of 'Eilabun, Israelusgs.gov
7/3/186:50 PM488.7 km10,000 m6km SSE of 'Eilabun, Israelusgs.gov
8/7/111:52 AM4.157 km31,000 mDead Sea regionusgs.gov
12/1/0711:38 PM485.8 km10,000 mDead Sea regionusgs.gov
11/23/072:19 PM4.434.7 km11,000 mDead Sea regionusgs.gov
11/20/073:21 PM3.288.5 km5,000 mDead Sea regionusgs.gov
11/20/071:18 AM4.685.8 km10,000 mDead Sea regionusgs.gov
11/17/066:57 PM3.157.1 km10,000 mDead Sea regionusgs.gov
9/17/061:22 AM461.1 km1,000 mDead Sea regionusgs.gov
9/8/069:58 PM4.562.9 km1,000 mDead Sea regionusgs.gov

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Primary City

Herzliya (/hɜːrtsəˈliːjə/; Hebrew: הֶרְצֵלִיָּה Hebrew pronunciation: [hɛʁtsɛliˈja]; Arabic: هرتسيليا‎) is a city in the central coast of Israel, at the Northern part of the Tel Aviv District. It has a population of more than 110,000 residents. Named..  ︎  Herzliya Wikipedia Page