1,544 Postal Codes in Jerusalem District

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TimezoneIsrael Time
Area652 km²
Population1.3 million (More Details)
Male Population649,588 (49.7%)
Female Population656,652 (50.3%)
Median Age23.3
Postal Codes30824, 36006, 76805 (1,541 more)
Area Codes2, 3, 4 (1 more)

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
91000 - 99770Jerusalem1,355
91400 - 91403Mevaseret Zion4
93467 - 93481, 93622 - 93630Talpiot14
95462 - 95464, 95474 - 95478Giv‘at Sha’ul7
99000 - 99644Beit Shemesh115

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1,544 Postal Codes in Jerusalem District

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
30824Jerusalem District
36006Jerusalem District
76805Tal ShaharJerusalem District2,83911.6 km²
79167Jerusalem District
79375Jerusalem District
85466Jerusalem District
86911Jerusalem District
86936Jerusalem District
88816Jerusalem District
90000JerusalemJerusalem District3,4394.02 km²
90117Jerusalem District1,3250.362 km²
90693Jerusalem District
90722Jerusalem District4648.7 km²
90804Jerusalem District62917.7 km²
90805Mevaseret ZionJerusalem District56,1199.7 km²
90815Beit ZayitJerusalem District2,2510.443 km²
90820MoẕaJerusalem District
90821Jerusalem District
90830Jerusalem District4,4021.252 km²
90833Kiryat AnavimJerusalem District3,7191.768 km²
90835Jerusalem District6,1574.433 km²
90838Jerusalem District7,1690.764 km²
90840Kiryat Ye'arimJerusalem District1,86243,452 m²
90845Abu GhoshJerusalem District25,3832.292 km²
90847Ein NaqqubaJerusalem District8,9851.666 km²
90850Neve IlanJerusalem District5,9053.689 km²
90851Jerusalem District
90855Sho'evaJerusalem District2,0271.479 km²
90860ShoreshJerusalem District7,3937.6 km²
90865Beit MeirJerusalem District4,68510.1 km²
90870ẔovaJerusalem District4,4012.688 km²
90872Jerusalem District
90875Even SapirJerusalem District7,9337.7 km²
90880Jerusalem District17,6284.747 km²
90885AminadavJerusalem District9,1313.808 km²
90890Jerusalem District3,5011.605 km²
90895Yad HaShmonaJerusalem District2,9392.462 km²
90900Jerusalem District12,8203.261 km²
90970Jerusalem District5,7295.3 km²
90972EitanimJerusalem District2,0176.7 km²
90974Ramat RazielJerusalem District2,1835.1 km²
90976KsalonJerusalem District2,8726.7 km²
91000JerusalemJerusalem District2,8174,606 m²
91001JerusalemJerusalem District
91002JerusalemJerusalem District
91003JerusalemJerusalem District
91004JerusalemJerusalem District
91006JerusalemJerusalem District
91007JerusalemJerusalem District1,8123,034 m²
91008JerusalemJerusalem District
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Jerusalem District Demographic Information

Population1.3 million
Population Density2,003 / km²
Male Population649,588 (49.7%)
Female Population656,652 (50.3%)
Median Age23.3
Male Median Age22.5
Female Median Age24.1
Businesses in Jerusalem District18,787
Population (1975)455,836
Population (2000)939,404
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +186.6%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +39.1%

Jerusalem District

The Jerusalem District (Hebrew: מחוז ירושלים‎; Arabic: منطقة القدس‎) is one of six administrative districts of Israel. The district capital is Jerusalem. The Jerusalem District has a land area of 652 km². The population of 910,300 is 67.8% Jewish and..  ︎  Jerusalem District Wikipedia Page