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The average area zip codes in Italy is 65.5 km² with the largest being 09010 at 1,640.6 km² and the smallest being 84023 at 31,542 m². In Italy the average population for a postal code is 12,975 with the most populated being zip code 81030 in Castel Volturno, Campania at 205,007. The median age for postal codes in Italy range from 28.6 years old for 89039 in Platì, Regione Calabria to 58.7 years old for 16020 in Gorreto, Liguria. The fastest growing postal code is 20877 in Roncello, Lombardia with population growth of 113.4% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 5.2% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area30,138 km²
Population60.3 million
Population Density2,002 / km²
Postal Codes09081, 09082, 09083 (4,848 more)
Area Codes10, 11, 121 (238 more)
Businesses in Italy3,551,604

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4,851 Postal Codes in Italy

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
0908186220.5 km²
090821,27459.1 km²
0908388539.5 km²
09084Villanova TruscheduSardinia32216.6 km²
0908568530.4 km²
09086SamugheoSardinia3,02381.3 km²
09088OllastraSardinia3,57449.3 km²
09090BaressaSardinia8,360257.1 km²
09091Villa VerdeSardinia1,45422.5 km²
09092ArboreaSardinia4,07995.1 km²
09093GonnoscodinaSardinia1,19122.9 km²
090944,86561.1 km²
090954,14348.9 km²
090965,07970.1 km²
09097OristanoSardinia2,74228.4 km²
0909810,34250.9 km²
090992,86939.5 km²
09121CagliariSardinia19,0333.28 km²
09122CagliariSardinia13,87410.8 km²
09123CagliariSardinia7,57443 km²
09124CagliariSardinia6,5920.72 km²
09125CagliariSardinia6,7191.431 km²
0912620,64011.2 km²
09127CagliariSardinia8,7790.964 km²
09128CagliariSardinia8,7580.575 km²
09129CagliariSardinia11,8564.203 km²
09131CagliariSardinia12,6013.327 km²
09134CagliariSardinia26,4155.1 km²
09170OristanoSardinia30,42885.3 km²
10010QuagliuzzoPiedmont37,302280 km²
10011AglièPiedmont2,56913.3 km²
10012BollengoPiedmont2,09014.2 km²
100133,61913.4 km²
10014TurinPiedmont7,54739.5 km²
10015IvreaPiedmont23,73530.2 km²
10016Montalto DoraPiedmont3,3707.5 km²
10017MontanaroPiedmont5,30620.7 km²
10018Pavone CanavesePiedmont3,86411.3 km²
100196,51422.6 km²
1002038,577248.1 km²
10022TurinPiedmont29,77796 km²
10023PessionePiedmont36,76954.1 km²
10024MoncalieriPiedmont55,69347.2 km²
10025Pino TorinesePiedmont8,51221.7 km²
1002610,79016.2 km²
10028RevigliascoPiedmont10,83012.3 km²
10029Favari-AvataneiPiedmont4,93119.9 km²
10030VillareggiaPiedmont5,46357.9 km²
10031Cossano CanavesePiedmont83512.2 km²
10032BrandizzoPiedmont8,6876.4 km²
10034ChivassoPiedmont26,54651.2 km²
10035MazzèPiedmont4,15427.3 km²
10036TurinPiedmont45,86031 km²
10037Torrazza PiemontePiedmont2,97810 km²
10038TurinPiedmont5,16329.5 km²
10040GivolettoPiedmont114,163417 km²
10041TurinPiedmont9,22150.5 km²
10042StupinigiPiedmont47,68820.4 km²
10043OrbassanoPiedmont22,78222.4 km²
10044VillarbassePiedmont15,53516 km²
10045TurinPiedmont18,84440.1 km²
10046Favari-AvataneiPiedmont11,01780.4 km²
1004814,39617.7 km²
10050VenausPiedmont27,038445 km²
10051TurinPiedmont12,41423.2 km²
10052BardonecchiaPiedmont3,243132 km²
10053BussolenoPiedmont6,27437 km²
100541,254201.5 km²
100554,83070.9 km²
100563,34699.6 km²
10057TurinPiedmont4,8788.6 km²
10058SestrierePiedmont82425.9 km²
10059Susa, PiedmontPiedmont7,24841.1 km²
10060None, PiedmontPiedmont71,4221,011.8 km²
10061GarziglianaPiedmont5,58149 km²
100627,33117.9 km²
10063Perosa ArgentinaPiedmont4,25234.8 km²
10064TurinPiedmont34,92849.4 km²
10065PramolloPiedmont2,14838.5 km²
10066Torre PellicePiedmont4,50220.8 km²
10067VigonePiedmont5,22041.1 km²
100684,77650.7 km²
10069Inverso PinascaPiedmont4,06411.5 km²
10070UsseglioPiedmont44,866830.5 km²
1007112,22313.2 km²
1007220,79230.8 km²
10073TurinPiedmont18,41317.7 km²
10074Lanzo TorinesePiedmont5,06110.3 km²
100754,0006.9 km²
10076TurinPiedmont6,90011.4 km²
10077San Maurizio CanavesePiedmont10,59517.3 km²
10078TurinPiedmont32,87620 km²
10080CanischioPiedmont33,729895.1 km²
1008110,19436.8 km²
10082TurinPiedmont10,00319.3 km²
10083San PonsoPiedmont5,67614.8 km²
100843,49716.5 km²
10085Pont-CanavesePiedmont3,56118.1 km²
1008612,37032.2 km²
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