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The average area zip codes in Italy is 65.5 km² with the largest being 09010 at 1,640.6 km² and the smallest being 84023 at 31,542 m². In Italy the average population for a postal code is 12,975 with the most populated being zip code 81030 in Castel Volturno, Campania at 205,007. The median age for postal codes in Italy range from 28.6 years old for 89039 in Platì, Regione Calabria to 58.7 years old for 16020 in Gorreto, Liguria. The fastest growing postal code is 20877 in Roncello, Lombardia with population growth of 113.4% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 5.2% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area30,138 km²
Population60.3 million
Population Density2,002 / km²
Postal Codes98168, 98167, 98166 (4,848 more)
Area Codes10, 11, 121 (238 more)
Businesses in Italy3,551,604

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
00010 - 04100Lazio220
05010 - 06135Umbria80
07014 - 09170Sardinia98
10010 - 18025, 28016 - 28925Piedmont389
11013 - 11029Aosta Valley10
16013 - 19139Liguria160
20010 - 28819Lombardy615
30010 - 32100, 35010 - 37142Veneto284
33010 - 34170Friuli-Venezia Giulia104
38019 - 39100Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol103
40010 - 48125Emilia (region of Italy)292
50010 - 59100Tuscany265
60010 - 63900Marche170
64010 - 67100Abruzzo145
70010 - 76125Apulia124
80010 - 84135Campania247
86014 - 86170Molise51
87010 - 89900Calabria200
90010 - 98168Sicily229

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4,851 Postal Codes in Italy

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
98168MessinaSicily16,5298.2 km²
98167MessinaSicily2,5203.502 km²
98166MessinaSicily3,5031.869 km²
98165MessinaSicily4,1083.3 km²
98164Faro SuperioreSicily4,6972.524 km²
98163MessinaSicily1,4727.7 km²
98162MessinaSicily3932.804 km²
98161MessinaSicily9976.9 km²
98158MessinaSicily5,12111.1 km²
98157MessinaSicily6006.1 km²
98156MessinaSicily2061.579 km²
98155Castanea delle FurieSicily2,41015.6 km²
98154MessinaSicily1,3816.1 km²
98153MessinaSicily71717.3 km²
98152MessinaSicily5,7629.5 km²
98151MessinaSicily3,6423.536 km²
98149MessinaSicily10,8291.743 km²
98148MessinaSicily4,2390.617 km²
98147MessinaSicily6,8990.747 km²
98146MessinaSicily4452.626 km²
98145MessinaSicily5,4793.335 km²
98144MessinaSicily1,3225.2 km²
98143MessinaSicily5626.6 km²
98142MessinaSicily1,2175.5 km²
98141MessinaSicily7940.656 km²
98139MessinaSicily2,4293.819 km²
98138MessinaSicily4966.3 km²
98137MessinaSicily1,6924.606 km²
98136MessinaSicily4905.1 km²
98135MessinaSicily1,7622.022 km²
98134MessinaSicily2,5973.442 km²
98133MessinaSicily3749 km²
98132LarderiaSicily1,1372.804 km²
98131MessinaSicily2,0520.638 km²
98129MessinaSicily2,92811.4 km²
98128MessinaSicily2,2851.697 km²
98127MessinaSicily4,4202.033 km²
98126MessinaSicily4,8441.528 km²
98125MessinaSicily19,5033.343 km²
98124MessinaSicily30,9744.848 km²
98123MessinaSicily13,3571.399 km²
98122MessinaSicily15,9713.498 km²
98121MessinaSicily37,7804.12 km²
98079Tusa, SicilySicily2,72040.9 km²
98078TortoriciSicily6,35470.4 km²
98077Canneto (Caronia)Sicily4,54121.8 km²
98076Militello RosmarinoSicily12,50234.5 km²
98075San FratelloSicily3,67266.9 km²
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