292 Postal Codes in Emilia (region of Italy)

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The average area for zip codes in Emilia (region of Italy) is 64.4 km² with the largest being 29010 in Piacenza at 801.8 km² and the smallest being 40121 in Bologna at 0.644 km². In Emilia (region of Italy) the average population for a postal code is 14,835 with the most populated being zip code 47121 in Forlì at 73,715. The average population density for a postal code in Emilia (region of Italy) is 950.6 / km² with the densest being zip code 40122 in Bologna at 15,512 / km². The median age for postal codes in Emilia (region of Italy) range from 37.3 years old for 47832 in Sant'Andrea in Casale to 52.0 years old for 29023 in Gropparello. The fastest growing postal code is 47832 in Sant'Andrea in Casale with population growth of 111.7% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 5.1% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Postal Codes29010, 29011, 29015 (289 more)
Area Codes51, 521, 522 (16 more)
Businesses in Emilia (region of Italy)278,958

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
29018 - 29022, 29028 - 29122Piacenza10
41012 - 41015, 41026 - 41126Modena26
42100 - 42124Reggio Emilia5
44030 - 44042, 44100 - 44124Ferrara10
47042 - 47122Forlì10
47831 - 47835, 47900 - 47924Rimini14
48017 - 48027, 48100 - 48125Ravenna12

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292 Postal Codes in Emilia (region of Italy)

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
29010PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)70,857801.8 km²
29011PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)7,86451.8 km²
29015Castel San GiovanniEmilia (region of Italy)14,16444.2 km²
29017Fiorenzuola d'ArdaEmilia (region of Italy)15,39259.6 km²
29018PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)4,07554.4 km²
29019San PoloEmilia (region of Italy)6,01749.6 km²
29020PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)15,172410.2 km²
29021PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)2,912122.9 km²
29022PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)3,618106.3 km²
29023GropparelloEmilia (region of Italy)1,299112.3 km²
29025MontechinoEmilia (region of Italy)2,33756.3 km²
29026Ottone, Emilia-RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)51098.1 km²
29027San PoloEmilia (region of Italy)9,60444.5 km²
29028PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)4,88544.4 km²
29029NivianoEmilia (region of Italy)7,43143.8 km²
29100PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)
29121PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)47,91633 km²
29122PiacenzaEmilia (region of Italy)53,26786.2 km²
40010BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)14,46296.4 km²
40011BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)12,28436.6 km²
40012Osteria NuovaEmilia (region of Italy)13,90041.6 km²
40013ProgressoEmilia (region of Italy)17,64231.1 km²
40015GallieraEmilia (region of Italy)5,51037 km²
40017DecimaEmilia (region of Italy)27,860114.6 km²
40021BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)3,39329.1 km²
40023BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)4,66828.1 km²
40024Castel San Pietro TermeEmilia (region of Italy)21,002148.5 km²
40027Bagnara di RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)4,80421.5 km²
40032CamugnanoEmilia (region of Italy)1,89196.6 km²
40033BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)35,44917.3 km²
40034BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)1,96545.3 km²
40035Piano del VoglioEmilia (region of Italy)5,70465.8 km²
40036VadoEmilia (region of Italy)6,43665 km²
40037BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)14,92397.9 km²
40043BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)6,71074.3 km²
40046Molino del PalloneEmilia (region of Italy)5,28270.8 km²
40048Piano del VoglioEmilia (region of Italy)4,37566.9 km²
40050BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)42,919298.8 km²
40051BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)9,48153.9 km²
40052BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)7,01145.6 km²
40053BazzanoEmilia (region of Italy)18,423171.8 km²
40054BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)18,984120.2 km²
40055CastenasoEmilia (region of Italy)14,29035.8 km²
40056CrespellanoEmilia (region of Italy)6,8483.005 km²
40059BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)17,514158.6 km²
40060BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)7,90125.1 km²
40061Cà Dè FabbriEmilia (region of Italy)9,18243.1 km²
40064BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)13,64064.4 km²
40066Corpo RenoEmilia (region of Italy)6,95915.9 km²
40067Rastignano-Carteria di SestoEmilia (region of Italy)3,2541.267 km²
40068BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)30,90345.3 km²
40069RialeEmilia (region of Italy)19,18437.8 km²
40100BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)
40121BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)6,2510.644 km²
40122BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)10,9430.705 km²
40123BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)6,3470.694 km²
40124BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)6,5540.714 km²
40125BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)7,7320.722 km²
40126BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)10,6211.128 km²
40127BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)29,91318.4 km²
40128BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)29,8409.3 km²
40129BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)21,1383.324 km²
40131BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)24,47012.5 km²
40132Borgo PanigaleEmilia (region of Italy)24,51126.3 km²
40133BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)37,8085.8 km²
40134BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)17,0961.684 km²
40135BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)7,7659.7 km²
40136BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)10,66324.6 km²
40137BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)23,8852.324 km²
40138BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)33,5609.7 km²
40139BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)38,9726.1 km²
40141BolognaEmilia (region of Italy)19,7355.9 km²
41010LimidiEmilia (region of Italy)
41012ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)68,936131.4 km²
41013ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)34,289102.4 km²
41014ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)11,45549.2 km²
41015ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)16,36355.5 km²
41016Novi di ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)11,02152 km²
41019LimidiEmilia (region of Italy)15,44851.2 km²
41020RiolunatoEmilia (region of Italy)75545 km²
41023Lama MocognoEmilia (region of Italy)2,72664.5 km²
41025MontecretoEmilia (region of Italy)1,02931.1 km²
41026ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)17,892146.7 km²
41028ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)8,44391.3 km²
41030ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)21,16984.7 km²
41032ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)7,35026.9 km²
41035Massa FinaleseEmilia (region of Italy)3,5052.406 km²
41036ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)6,55827.1 km²
41037ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)24,370137.2 km²
41038ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)11,33150.6 km²
41040ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)1,67454.5 km²
41042ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)17,36026.2 km²
41043ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)35,42647.4 km²
41045MontefiorinoEmilia (region of Italy)2,18845.9 km²
41046PalaganoEmilia (region of Italy)2,27659.1 km²
41048ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)3,74678.9 km²
41049ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)39,12737.7 km²
41050Ca' di SolaEmilia (region of Italy)
41051MontaleEmilia (region of Italy)14,55221.7 km²
41052ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)4,17948.8 km²
41053ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)16,60732.5 km²
41055MonteseEmilia (region of Italy)3,39880 km²
41056FormicaEmilia (region of Italy)9,67725.2 km²
41057ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)12,71730.6 km²
41100BaggiovaraEmilia (region of Italy)
41121ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)22,1102.545 km²
41122ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)36,93442.2 km²
41123ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)18,59758.9 km²
41124ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)31,2233.777 km²
41125ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)34,3127 km²
41126ModenaEmilia (region of Italy)34,95969.3 km²
42010BaisoEmilia (region of Italy)10,82989.8 km²
42011Bagnolo in PianoEmilia (region of Italy)9,82426.6 km²
42012Campagnola EmiliaEmilia (region of Italy)5,77024.9 km²
42013SalvaterraEmilia (region of Italy)20,65538.4 km²
42014RotegliaEmilia (region of Italy)15,84757.3 km²
42015Correggio, Emilia-RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)26,50977.8 km²
42018San Martino in RioEmilia (region of Italy)8,17722.6 km²
4201925,27550 km²
42020VettoEmilia (region of Italy)30,790175.4 km²
4202110,87928.1 km²
42022BorettoEmilia (region of Italy)5,46216.9 km²
42023Cadelbosco di SottoEmilia (region of Italy)11,48644.2 km²
42025CavriagoEmilia (region of Italy)9,89717 km²
42026CanossaEmilia (region of Italy)3,87753.8 km²
42027Montecchio EmiliaEmilia (region of Italy)10,70524.2 km²
42028PoviglioEmilia (region of Italy)7,18643.8 km²
42031BaisoEmilia (region of Italy)3,53775.6 km²
42032Cerreto AlpiEmilia (region of Italy)4,196257.5 km²
42034CasinaEmilia (region of Italy)4,64463.9 km²
42037Cerreto AlpiEmilia (region of Italy)
42039LigonchioEmilia (region of Italy)
42040CampegineEmilia (region of Italy)5,28522.1 km²
42041Lentigione-Sorbolo a ManeEmilia (region of Italy)5,95823.4 km²
42042FabbricoEmilia (region of Italy)7,15323 km²
42043PraticelloEmilia (region of Italy)6,17942.3 km²
42044GualtieriEmilia (region of Italy)6,74235.6 km²
42045VillarottaEmilia (region of Italy)9,46438.7 km²
42047Rolo, Emilia-RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)4,12614.1 km²
42048RubieraEmilia (region of Italy)15,77324.9 km²
42121Reggio EmiliaEmilia (region of Italy)14,3861.958 km²
42122Reggio EmiliaEmilia (region of Italy)44,60996.5 km²
42123Reggio EmiliaEmilia (region of Italy)56,00456.4 km²
42124Reggio EmiliaEmilia (region of Italy)53,47876.9 km²
43010GaianoEmilia (region of Italy)12,633179.4 km²
43011Le RoncoleEmilia (region of Italy)7,00976.4 km²
43012FontanellatoEmilia (region of Italy)7,20554.1 km²
43014FelegaraEmilia (region of Italy)10,23387.6 km²
43015ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)13,59979.5 km²
43016Polesine ParmenseEmilia (region of Italy)
43017San Secondo ParmenseEmilia (region of Italy)5,69438.2 km²
43018GramignazzoEmilia (region of Italy)8,31773 km²
43020CanesanoEmilia (region of Italy)
43021CorniglioEmilia (region of Italy)1,857166.3 km²
43022BasilicanovaEmilia (region of Italy)11,06148.7 km²
43024ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)3,622105.9 km²
43025PalanzanoEmilia (region of Italy)1,08670.1 km²
43028ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)2,08378.1 km²
43029ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)9,73054.4 km²
43030Bore, Emilia-RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)2,856100.3 km²
43036ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)26,04595.2 km²
43037ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)5,13047.7 km²
43038GaianoEmilia (region of Italy)5,78130.8 km²
43039Salsomaggiore TermeEmilia (region of Italy)19,93981.6 km²
43044ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)14,52858.9 km²
43045ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)6,17057.7 km²
43046SolignanoEmilia (region of Italy)1,77573.7 km²
43047ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)97782.3 km²
43048ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)1,0080.969 km²
43050ValmozzolaEmilia (region of Italy)51767.9 km²
43051AlbaretoEmilia (region of Italy)2,115103.6 km²
43053CompianoEmilia (region of Italy)1,14537.2 km²
43055Mezzano SuperioreEmilia (region of Italy)3,48727.4 km²
43056San PoloEmilia (region of Italy)8,01437.3 km²
43058Lentigione-Sorbolo a ManeEmilia (region of Italy)9,79539.6 km²
43059TornoloEmilia (region of Italy)1,02369.3 km²
43100AlberiEmilia (region of Italy)
43121ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)16,6172.184 km²
43122ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)27,91170.8 km²
43123ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)54,69648.5 km²
43124ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)20,56056.1 km²
43125ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)26,6567.7 km²
43126ParmaEmilia (region of Italy)32,24275.3 km²
44012BondenoEmilia (region of Italy)14,524174.5 km²
44014LongastrinoEmilia (region of Italy)
44016San BiagioEmilia (region of Italy)
44019VoghenzaEmilia (region of Italy)3,76840.5 km²
44021PontelangorinoEmilia (region of Italy)12,052171.4 km²
44022ComacchioEmilia (region of Italy)16,384279.4 km²
44025Massa FiscagliaEmilia (region of Italy)
44026Bosco MesolaEmilia (region of Italy)6,93284.5 km²
44028Poggio RenaticoEmilia (region of Italy)10,37280.2 km²
44029Porto GaribaldiEmilia (region of Italy)6,9638 km²
44030FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)3,14142.1 km²
44034FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)16,262157.3 km²
44037FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)2,780107.5 km²
44039Ro, Emilia–RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)4,44220.5 km²
44040Gaibanella-Sant'EdigioEmilia (region of Italy)
44041FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)2,5992.452 km²
44042FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)27,13257.9 km²
44043Mirabello, Emilia–RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)
44045Dodici MorelliEmilia (region of Italy)6,2284.176 km²
44047San CarloEmilia (region of Italy)11,07151.4 km²
44049Porotto-CassamaEmilia (region of Italy)7,66742.3 km²
44100FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)
44121FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)24,3984.968 km²
44122FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)27,15614.7 km²
44123FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)37,650185.2 km²
44124FerraraEmilia (region of Italy)42,444199.3 km²
47010Portico e San BenedettoEmilia (region of Italy)4,050222.5 km²
47011Castrocaro Terme e Terra del SoleEmilia (region of Italy)6,66038.9 km²
47012CusercoliEmilia (region of Italy)3,771118.1 km²
47013ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)1,66438.7 km²
47016Predappio AltaEmilia (region of Italy)6,58091.6 km²
47017ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)1,93450.3 km²
47018ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)4,118148.5 km²
47019Portico e San BenedettoEmilia (region of Italy)1,21962.4 km²
47020RoncofreddoEmilia (region of Italy)12,84684.4 km²
47021Bagno di RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)6,098233.3 km²
47023ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)
47027SarsinaEmilia (region of Italy)3,543101 km²
47030ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)17,758141.7 km²
47032Fratta TermeEmilia (region of Italy)11,40357 km²
4703413,34724.1 km²
47036RiccioneEmilia (region of Italy)
47039Savignano sul RubiconeEmilia (region of Italy)18,32022.8 km²
47042ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)26,57845.2 km²
47043ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)10,31214.2 km²
47100ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)
47121ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)73,715102.3 km²
47122ForlìEmilia (region of Italy)44,633126.1 km²
47521CesenaEmilia (region of Italy)52,87090.5 km²
47522CesenaEmilia (region of Italy)43,826158.8 km²
47814Bellaria – Igea MarinaEmilia (region of Italy)19,53718.3 km²
47822Santarcangelo di RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)21,13545.1 km²
47824Poggio BerniEmilia (region of Italy)5,45034.7 km²
47826VerucchioEmilia (region of Italy)10,34427.4 km²
47832Sant'Andrea in CasaleEmilia (region of Italy)6,45220.8 km²
47833RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)6,8715.4 km²
47834Montefiore ConcaEmilia (region of Italy)2,55622.4 km²
47835RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)3,30833.9 km²
47836MondainoEmilia (region of Italy)1,40719.9 km²
47837MontegridolfoEmilia (region of Italy)1,0606.8 km²
47838RiccioneEmilia (region of Italy)33,99617.4 km²
47841CattolicaEmilia (region of Italy)16,1616.2 km²
47842San Giovanni in MarignanoEmilia (region of Italy)9,51821.2 km²
47843RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)13,03222 km²
47854MontescudoEmilia (region of Italy)7,87531.5 km²
47855GemmanoEmilia (region of Italy)1,18519.2 km²
47861CasteldelciEmilia (region of Italy)42948.9 km²
47862MaioloEmilia (region of Italy)83124.2 km²
47863NovafeltriaEmilia (region of Italy)7,49841.7 km²
47864RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)2,92969.4 km²
47865RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)3,15653.5 km²
47866Sant'Agata FeltriaEmilia (region of Italy)2,16079.5 km²
47867TalamelloEmilia (region of Italy)98010.6 km²
47900RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)
47921RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)29,7237.4 km²
47922RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)35,20437.9 km²
47923RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)41,26352.8 km²
47924RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)35,27237.7 km²
48010BarbianoEmilia (region of Italy)
48012RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)16,43879.7 km²
48015PisignanoEmilia (region of Italy)29,40282.4 km²
48017RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)10,14960.3 km²
48018RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)58,818215.9 km²
48020Sant'Agata sul SanternoEmilia (region of Italy)3,1409.5 km²
48022RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)31,855116.6 km²
48023Marina RomeaEmilia (region of Italy)
48024RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)11,07237.1 km²
48026GodoEmilia (region of Italy)12,62246.3 km²
48027RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)4,57526.3 km²
48031Bagnara di RomagnaEmilia (region of Italy)2,62210 km²
48032Casola ValsenioEmilia (region of Italy)2,63583.7 km²
48033BarbianoEmilia (region of Italy)7,40134.9 km²
48100RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)
48121RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)42,18014.7 km²
48122RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)25,62543.4 km²
48123RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)32,481242.6 km²
48124RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)38,756158 km²
48125RavennaEmilia (region of Italy)21,156193.2 km²
61010RiminiEmilia (region of Italy)11,25984.1 km²

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Emilia (region of Italy)

Emilia (Emilian: Emîlia) is a historical region of northern Italy which approximately corresponds to the western and north-eastern portions of today’s Emilia-Romagna region, of which Romagna forms the remainder.  ︎  Emilia (region of Italy) Wikipedia Page