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The average area for zip codes in Molise is 62.6 km² with the largest being 86040 in Ripabottoni at 375.3 km² and the smallest being 86045 in Portocannone at 13.2 km². In Molise the average population for a postal code is 4,534 with the most populated being zip code 86100 in Campobasso at 47,456. The average population density for a postal code in Molise is 83.1 / km² with the densest being zip code 86100 in Campobasso at 836.9 / km². The median age for postal codes in Molise range from 38.9 years old for 86073 in Isernia to 47.8 years old for 86086 in Castelverrino. The fastest growing postal code is 86027 in San Massimo with population growth of 21.7% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 1.3% per year.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Postal Codes86011, 86014, 86015 (48 more)
Area Codes865, 874, 875
Businesses in Molise14,398

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesCityNumber of postal codes
86023 - 86025Montagano2
86077 - 86079, 86089 - 86094Isernia9

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51 Postal Codes in Molise

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
86011BaranelloMolise2,69224.8 km²
86014GuardiaregiaMolise77540.6 km²
86015JelsiMolise1,73028.7 km²
86017SepinoMolise1,89363.8 km²
86018Toro, MoliseMolise1,39924 km²
86020Sant'Angelo LimosanoMolise7,254215.2 km²
86021CampobassoMolise7,70452.5 km²
86022LimosanoMolise78328.3 km²
86023MontaganoMolise1,09226.5 km²
86024Petrella TiferninaMolise1,14626.4 km²
86025MontaganoMolise3,10133.7 km²
86026SalcitoMolise70328 km²
86027San MassimoMolise87427.2 km²
86028CampobassoMolise74216.5 km²
86030Lupara, MoliseMolise9,190305.3 km²
86032MontecilfoneMolise1,35422.9 km²
86033CampobassoMolise1,53732.3 km²
86034GuglionesiMolise5,523100.9 km²
86039TermoliMolise32,93455.8 km²
86040RipabottoniMolise7,457375.3 km²
86041MontelongoMolise1,39231.2 km²
86045PortocannoneMolise2,59013.2 km²
86047CampobassoMolise4,54154.7 km²
86048CampobassoMolise1,75567.6 km²
86049UruriMolise2,65631.3 km²
86070Taverna RavindolaMolise8,608138.3 km²
86071Pizzone, MoliseMolise86055.2 km²
86072Cerro al VolturnoMolise1,28723.1 km²
86073IserniaMolise1,38925.9 km²
86074FilignanoMolise65631.4 km²
86075MonteroduniMolise2,18737 km²
86077IserniaMolise2,30033.4 km²
86078RoccapipirozziMolise2,12535.8 km²
86079IserniaMolise11,04946.5 km²
86080Sant'Angelo del PescoMolise4,388162.3 km²
86081CastelverrinoMolise4,95396.1 km²
86083RoccasicuraMolise1,37841.2 km²
86084IserniaMolise67631.9 km²
86085CastelverrinoMolise74927.4 km²
86086CastelverrinoMolise67820.7 km²
86088San Pietro AvellanaMolise48744.8 km²
86089IserniaMolise69361.1 km²
86090IserniaMolise4,62393.5 km²
86091IserniaMolise73636.6 km²
86092Cantalupo nel SannioMolise1,66169.6 km²
86093CastelpetrosoMolise1,19632.7 km²
86094IserniaMolise95456 km²
86095Sant'Elena SannitaMolise3,40763.8 km²
86097ChiauciMolise1,77875.8 km²
86100CampobassoMolise47,45656.7 km²
86170IserniaMolise22,09667.6 km²

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(pronounced [moˈliːze]; Molisano: Mulise) is a region of Southern Italy. Until 1963, it formed part of the region of Abruzzi e Molise, alongside the region of Abruzzo. The split, which did not become effective until 1970, makes Molise the youngest ..  ︎  Molise Wikipedia Page