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The majority of Rome zip codes range from 00100 to 00199. The average area zip codes in Rome is 20.7 km² with the largest being 00062 at 181.8 km² and the smallest being 00193 at 0.879 km². In Rome the average population for a postal code is 34,497 with the most populated being zip code 00133 at 104,094. The average population density for a postal code in Rome is 6,419 / km² with the densest being zip code 00175 at 20,541 / km². The median age for postal code in Rome range from 35.2 years old for 00186 to 45.5 years old for 00187.

TimezoneCentral European Time
Area1,285.4 km²
Population2.3 million (More Details)
Male Population1,081,952 (47.9%)
Female Population1,175,965 (52.1%)
Median Age42.3
Postal Codes00017, 00026, 00040 (78 more)
Area Code6

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81 Postal Codes in Rome

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
00017RomeLazio2,31817.1 km²
00026RomeLazio1,02217.7 km²
00040RomeLazio88,520119.4 km²
00044RomeLazio22,60422.9 km²
00045RomeLazio23,25418.5 km²
00046RomeLazio19,58218.2 km²
00062RomeLazio22,164181.8 km²
00063RomeLazio12,06545.8 km²
00069RomeLazio4,95619.4 km²
00118RomeLazio27,1828.3 km²
00119RomeLazio10,41214.6 km²
00121RomeLazio40,9816.4 km²
00123RomeLazio40,595174.1 km²
00124RomeLazio40,53742.9 km²
00125RomeLazio50,63024.1 km²
00126RomeLazio28,8259.1 km²
00127RomeLazio9,3635.5 km²
00128RomeLazio40,62799.3 km²
00131RomeLazio21,95117.9 km²
00132RomeLazio87,04779.3 km²
00133RomeLazio104,09427.7 km²
00134RomeLazio23,54398.5 km²
00135RomeLazio75,85725.1 km²
00136RomeLazio45,1514.124 km²
00137RomeLazio41,45314.2 km²
00139RomeLazio83,95129.9 km²
00141RomeLazio45,2063.948 km²
00142RomeLazio41,1127.2 km²
00143RomeLazio40,56916.1 km²
00144RomeLazio49,90715 km²
00145RomeLazio17,4281.466 km²
00146RomeLazio56,5924.33 km²
00147RomeLazio22,8053.575 km²
00149RomeLazio38,2673.585 km²
00151RomeLazio34,5192.918 km²
00152RomeLazio40,1082.269 km²
00153RomeLazio34,4534.146 km²
00154RomeLazio32,0113.045 km²
00155RomeLazio58,92224.5 km²
00156RomeLazio43,2359.8 km²
00157RomeLazio20,0012.5 km²
00158RomeLazio14,4782.909 km²
00159RomeLazio41,0854.435 km²
00161RomeLazio14,9931.8 km²
00162RomeLazio24,5551.794 km²
00163RomeLazio19,34017.1 km²
00164RomeLazio15,2825.5 km²
00165RomeLazio33,3126.8 km²
00166RomeLazio85,418122.8 km²
00167RomeLazio35,3024.029 km²
00168RomeLazio60,7207.4 km²
00169RomeLazio42,3175.7 km²
00171RomeLazio38,7452.123 km²
00172RomeLazio52,8864.946 km²
00173RomeLazio50,46011.7 km²
00174RomeLazio27,0432.604 km²
00175RomeLazio48,0252.338 km²
00176RomeLazio41,5792.38 km²
00177RomeLazio46,2813.75 km²
00178RomeLazio27,25431.3 km²
00179RomeLazio44,3125.7 km²
00181RomeLazio25,6431.745 km²
00182RomeLazio21,5351.394 km²
00183RomeLazio22,2221.244 km²
00184RomeLazio14,0862.41 km²
00185RomeLazio35,3614.615 km²
00186RomeLazio24,3572.799 km²
00187RomeLazio9,0451.785 km²
00188RomeLazio30,15158.9 km²
00191RomeLazio19,0086.6 km²
00192RomeLazio13,6570.992 km²
00193RomeLazio6,9980.879 km²
00195RomeLazio24,8512.234 km²
00196RomeLazio12,8902.357 km²
00197RomeLazio21,5065.2 km²
00198RomeLazio26,3422.394 km²
00199RomeLazio41,3463.666 km²

Rome Demographic Information

Population2.3 million
Population Density1,756 / km²
Male Population1,081,952 (47.9%)
Female Population1,175,965 (52.1%)
Median Age42.3
Male Median Age41.1
Female Median Age43.5
Businesses in Rome172,695
Population (1975)2,150,297
Population (2000)2,210,303
Population change from 1975 to 2015 +5%
Population change from 2000 to 2015 +2.2%


Rome (/ˈroʊm/ ROHM; Italian: Roma [ˈroːma], Latin: Rōma) is a city and special comune (named Roma Capitale) in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy and of the Lazio region. With 2.9 million residents in 1,285 km2 (496.1 sq mi), it is also the country'..  ︎  Rome Wikipedia Page