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Postal Code JMAAW15, Jamaica - Map and Information

Primary CityKingston, Jamaica
Local TimeThursday 8:34 PM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Coordinates18.01415° / -76.75241°

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Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
10/7/187:28 PM3.427 km10,000 m2km SSW of Hope Bay,
9/16/1811:46 AM3.327.8 km10,000 m4km SW of Richmond,
3/3/1810:53 AM423.2 km14,190 m6km WSW of Hope Bay,
12/21/1610:00 AM4.328.9 km10,000 m6km ENE of Yallahs,
3/27/169:42 PM3.758.5 km15,160 m5km WNW of Kellits,
3/21/165:43 PM3.892.5 km10,000 m43km ENE of Manchioneal,
5/11/146:44 PM3.315.1 km10,000 m7km N of Stony Hill,
9/19/1310:34 PM3.219.3 km16,480 m10km SSW of Hope Bay,
9/8/136:20 PM3.224.1 km10,000 m11km SSW of Port Royal,
5/6/112:29 AM4.216.5 km4,900 mJamaica

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Primary City

Kingston (/ˈkɪŋstən/ or US /ˈkɪŋztən/) is the capital and largest city of Jamaica, located on the southeastern coast of the island. It faces a natural harbour protected by the Palisadoes, a long sand spit which connects the town of Port Royal and the..    Kingston, Jamaica Wikipedia Page