Postal Code 026

Kamaishi, Iwate | Japan

Kamaishi (釜石市, Kamaishi-shi) is a city located on the Sanriku rias coast in Iwate Prefecture, in the Tohoku region of northern Japan. As of September 2015, the city had an estimated population of 35,308 and a population density of 80.2 persons per km..
026 Detailed Information
City:Kamaishi, IwateTimezone:Japan Standard Time
Local Time:Tuesday 10:57 AMLat & Lng:39.26108° / 141.85569°
Related Postal Codes:020021022023024025

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3 Chome-9-30 Nakazumacho, Kamaishi · Kamaishi, Iwate
+81 193-23-7517
4 Chome-3-7 Kaminakashimacho, Kamaishi · Kamaishi, Iwate
+81 193-57-2025
Dai 34 Chiwari-14-1 Hashinocho, Kamaishi · Kamaishi, Iwate
+81 193-28-3707
Dai 16 Chiwari-52-1 Kuribayashicho, Kamaishi · Kamaishi, Iwate

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City NamePostal CodesAdministrative RegionCountryPopulation
Kamaishi, Iwate026Iwate PrefectureJapan35,308
Chidoricho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Gentasawacho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Hakozakicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Hamacho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Hashinocho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Heita026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Higashimaecho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Kaminakashimacho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Kasshicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Katagishicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Kogawacho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Komagicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Kosanocho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Kuribayashicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Matsubaracho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Minatomachi026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Nakazumacho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Nodacho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Odairacho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Omachi026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Otadakoecho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Owataricho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Reigaguchicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Ryoishicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Sadanaicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Sakuragicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Shimmachi026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Shinhamacho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Sumiyoshicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Suzukocho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Tadakoecho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Tenjincho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Tonicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Unosumaicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Uogashi026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Ureishicho026Iwate PrefectureJapan
Yagumocho026Iwate PrefectureJapan

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