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Postal Code JE4 - Jersey

Associated CitiesSaint Brélade | Saint John, Jersey | More
Local TimeThursday 10:51 AM
Coordinates49.2161352456119° / -2.1356267695040567°
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Business Distribution by Industry
 Financial Services: 43.6%
 Professional Services: 17.4%
 Shopping: 14.2%
 Other: 24.8%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/25/152:55 PM3.730.8 km2,000 m30km SW of Saint Helier,
7/23/149:26 AM3.329.7 km2,000 m28km SW of Saint Helier,
7/11/144:54 AM3.921.9 km12,400 m23km W of Saint Helier,
12/6/062:27 AM3.188.6 km3,000
11/19/021:15 PM3.426.4 km10,000
7/11/024:03 AM3.875.2 km10,000
8/29/013:18 PM3.381.8 km6,000
12/6/984:23 PM3.475.6 km2,000
4/28/982:24 AM3.180.2 km2,000
6/22/979:50 AM3.417.4 km10,000 mChannel Islands region, United

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