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The average area for zip codes in Latvia is 92 km² with the largest being LV-3270 in Dundaga, Dundagas Novads at 517.3 km² and the smallest being LV-5421 in Daugavpils, Daugavpils municipality at 1,346 m². In Latvia the average population for a postal code is 2,807 with the most populated being zip code LV-1005 in Mangaļsala, Rīga at 38,186. The median age for postal codes in Latvia range from 33.6 years old for LV-2166 in Mārupes Novads to 47.2 years old for LV-4728 in Seda, Strenču Novads. The fastest growing postal code is LV-4718 in Smiltenes Novads with population growth of 295.3% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 9.6% per year.

TimezoneEastern European Time
Area6,489 km²
Population2.2 million
Population Density341.8 / km²
Postal CodesLV-1000, LV-1001, LV-1002 (706 more)
Area Codes2, 630, 631 (33 more)
Businesses in Latvia160,001

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
LV-1000 - LV-2169Riga District57
LV-2008 - LV-2016Jūrmala6
LV-2117 - LV-2119Salaspils Municipality2
LV-2150 - LV-2154Sigulda Municipality4
LV-3002 - LV-3007Jelgava3
LV-3042 - LV-3045Ozolnieki Municipality5
LV-3104 - LV-3147Tukums District13
LV-3131 - LV-3135Kandava Municipality6
LV-3201 - LV-3298Talsi Municipality19
LV-3309 - LV-3322, LV-3328 - LV-3333Kuldīga District15
LV-3323 - LV-3326Skrunda Municipality6
LV-3400 - LV-3417Liepāja9
LV-3444 - LV-3446, LV-3484 - LV-3487Priekule Municipality8
LV-3453 - LV-3457Aizpute6
LV-3461 - LV-3466Pāvilosta Municipality3
LV-3473 - LV-3476Nīca Municipality4
LV-3710 - LV-3724Dobele District10
LV-3721 - LV-3729Auce Municipality6
LV-3853 - LV-3899Saldus Municipality17
LV-3907 - LV-3936Bauska District12
LV-3917 - LV-3921Rundāle Municipality3
LV-4001 - LV-4025, LV-4050 - LV-4061Limbaži District10
LV-4022 - LV-4035Salacgrīva Municipality5
LV-4062 - LV-4068Aloja Municipality5
LV-4118 - LV-4123Vecpiebalga Municipality5
LV-4126 - LV-4129Priekuļi Municipality4
LV-4139 - LV-4143Amata Municipality6
LV-4146 - LV-4154Pārgauja Municipality4
LV-4213 - LV-4216Mazsalaca Municipality3
LV-4220 - LV-4228Kocēni Municipality6
LV-4234 - LV-4242Rūjiena Municipality5
LV-4244 - LV-4247Naukšēni Municipality2
LV-4301 - LV-4359Alūksne District17
LV-4401 - LV-4429Gulbene District16
LV-4501 - LV-4580, LV-4590 - LV-4592Balvi District13
LV-4582 - LV-4587Viļaka Municipality6
LV-4601 - LV-4652Rēzekne District31
LV-4706 - LV-4729Smiltene Municipality8
LV-4727 - LV-4730Strenči Municipality4
LV-4731 - LV-4735Valka Municipality6
LV-4801 - LV-4834, LV-4846 - LV-4884Madona Municipality19
LV-4826 - LV-4830Lubāna Municipality2
LV-4835 - LV-4838Varakļāni Municipality5
LV-4840 - LV-4844Ērgļi Municipality3
LV-4871 - LV-4880Cesvaine Municipality2
LV-5001 - LV-5012, LV-5022 - LV-5065Ogre Municipality11
LV-5016 - LV-5033Ķegums Municipality4
LV-5110 - LV-5118Nereta Municipality4
LV-5124 - LV-5134Jaunjelgava Municipality5
LV-5204 - LV-5211, LV-5236 - LV-5238Krustpils Municipality6
LV-5208 - LV-5210Aknīste Municipality3
LV-5224 - LV-5228Viesīte Municipality4
LV-5301 - LV-5305Preiļi Municipality8
LV-5329 - LV-5333Riebiņi Municipality7
LV-5401 - LV-5477Daugavpils Municipality27
LV-5439 - LV-5447, LV-5471 - LV-5474Ilūkste Municipality6
LV-5601 - LV-5671Krāslava District9
LV-5674 - LV-5698Dagda Municipality10
LV-5729 - LV-5751Ludza District14
LV-5737 - LV-5740Kārsava7

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709 Postal Codes in Latvia

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
LV-1000MangaļsalaRiga District
LV-1001MangaļsalaRiga District5,8310.794 km²
LV-1002MangaļsalaRiga District14,1374.642 km²
LV-1003MangaļsalaRiga District12,2992.376 km²
LV-1004MangaļsalaRiga District28,98611.2 km²
LV-1005MangaļsalaRiga District38,18612.5 km²
LV-1006MangaļsalaRiga District18,6987.1 km²
LV-1007MangaļsalaRiga District19,53514.2 km²
LV-1009MangaļsalaRiga District14,6212.381 km²
LV-1010MangaļsalaRiga District10,8271.907 km²
LV-1011MangaļsalaRiga District6,1270.845 km²
LV-1012MangaļsalaRiga District7,9421.318 km²
LV-1013MangaļsalaRiga District15,5632.935 km²
LV-1014MangaļsalaRiga District4,2089.6 km²
LV-1015MangaļsalaRiga District21,4119.8 km²
LV-1016MangaļsalaRiga District29,93531 km²
LV-1019MangaļsalaRiga District10,8442.113 km²
LV-1021MangaļsalaRiga District17,3236.3 km²
LV-1023MangaļsalaRiga District2,65617.1 km²
LV-1024BerģiRiga District16,22835.9 km²
LV-1026MangaļsalaRiga District14,2643.742 km²
LV-1027MangaļsalaRiga District
LV-1029MangaļsalaRiga District14,51711.3 km²
LV-1030MangaļsalaRiga District5,00213.7 km²
LV-1034MangaļsalaRiga District12,3867.9 km²
LV-1035MangaļsalaRiga District17,0903.176 km²
LV-1038MangaļsalaRiga District
LV-1039MangaļsalaRiga District12,1411.93 km²
LV-1044MangaļsalaRiga District
LV-1045MangaļsalaRiga District18,4273.591 km²
LV-1046MangaļsalaRiga District20,0875.1 km²
LV-1048MangaļsalaRiga District15,4544.523 km²
LV-1050MangaļsalaRiga District18,1133.586 km²
LV-1053MangaļsalaRiga District3,1182.632 km²
LV-1055MangaļsalaRiga District12,1634.685 km²
LV-1057MangaļsalaRiga District19,9606.6 km²
LV-1058MangaļsalaRiga District17,6709.8 km²
LV-1063MangaļsalaRiga District26,31616.2 km²
LV-1064MangaļsalaRiga District4,6495.4 km²
LV-1067MangaļsalaRiga District20,34917.4 km²
LV-1069MangaļsalaRiga District3,7511.863 km²
LV-1073MangaļsalaRiga District29,6956.3 km²
LV-1076Ķekava4,2362.817 km²
LV-1079MangaļsalaRiga District9,6629 km²
LV-1082MangaļsalaRiga District14,2253.047 km²
LV-1083MangaļsalaRiga District6,6692.042 km²
LV-1084MangaļsalaRiga District13,7954.076 km²
LV-2008JūrmalaJūrmala5,37415.4 km²
LV-2010JūrmalaJūrmala10,61724 km²
LV-2011Asari, LatviaJūrmala12,19147.2 km²
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