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The average area for zip codes in Lithuania is 3.7 km² with the largest being 65344 in Marcinkonys at 164.8 km² and the smallest being 49288 in Kaunas, Kauno apskritis at 134 m². In Lithuania the average population for a postal code is 330 with the most populated being zip code 02300 in Vilnius, Vilniaus apskritis at 25,902. The median age for postal codes in Lithuania range from 36.8 years old for 13280 in Nemėžis to 45.1 years old for 30150 in Didžiasalis. The fastest growing postal code is 08336 in Vilnius, Vilniaus apskritis with population growth of 464.3% from 2000 to 2015, an average of 12.2% per year.

TimezoneEastern European Time
Area6,500 km²
Population2.9 million
Population Density453.0 / km²
Postal Codes00001, 00009, 00100 (16,715 more)
Area Codes310, 313, 315 (53 more)
Businesses in Lithuania121,982

Postal Code Ranges

Postal CodesAdministrative RegionNumber of postal codes
01001 - 27126Vilnius County1,816
28118 - 33355Utena County441
35001 - 42494Panevėžys County1,123
44001 - 60486Kaunas County3,627
62001 - 67482Alytus County539
68107 - 71482Marijampolė County422
71481 - 75493Tauragė County459
76001 - 86459Šiauliai County1,152
87001 - 90489Telšiai County468
91001 - 99425Klaipėda County1,215

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16,718 Postal Codes in Lithuania

Postal CodeCityAdministrative RegionPopulationArea
00001Klaipėda County
00009PalangaKlaipėda County
00100PalangaKlaipėda County111.452 km²
00101PalangaKlaipėda County3885.8 km²
00102PalangaKlaipėda County1280.612 km²
00103PalangaKlaipėda County2742.052 km²
00104PalangaKlaipėda County2970.233 km²
00105PalangaKlaipėda County1365,994 m²
00106PalangaKlaipėda County14110,134 m²
00107PalangaKlaipėda County7719,228 m²
00108PalangaKlaipėda County17827,380 m²
00109PalangaKlaipėda County32427,910 m²
00110PalangaKlaipėda County
00111PalangaKlaipėda County14451,536 m²
00112PalangaKlaipėda County10149,815 m²
00113PalangaKlaipėda County28816,106 m²
00114PalangaKlaipėda County33022,356 m²
00115PalangaKlaipėda County16515,596 m²
00116PalangaKlaipėda County17531,994 m²
00117PalangaKlaipėda County27321,174 m²
00118PalangaKlaipėda County50924,211 m²
00119PalangaKlaipėda County29413,790 m²
00120PalangaKlaipėda County23014,341 m²
00121PalangaKlaipėda County2457,939 m²
00122PalangaKlaipėda County8228,657 m²
00123PalangaKlaipėda County8825,037 m²
00124PalangaKlaipėda County26311,940 m²
00125PalangaKlaipėda County8943,316 m²
00126PalangaKlaipėda County2680.136 km²
00127PalangaKlaipėda County47165,380 m²
00128PalangaKlaipėda County4630.54 km²
00129PalangaKlaipėda County2170.244 km²
00131PalangaKlaipėda County2540.245 km²
00132PalangaKlaipėda County6140.269 km²
00133PalangaKlaipėda County2760.176 km²
00134PalangaKlaipėda County4690.207 km²
00135PalangaKlaipėda County5750.834 km²
00136PalangaKlaipėda County3890.833 km²
00137PalangaKlaipėda County3060.237 km²
00138PalangaKlaipėda County27978,279 m²
00139PalangaKlaipėda County47168,618 m²
00140PalangaKlaipėda County30615,367 m²
00141PalangaKlaipėda County7513,534 m²
00142PalangaKlaipėda County29819,972 m²
00143PalangaKlaipėda County1390.138 km²
00144PalangaKlaipėda County1340.124 km²
00145PalangaKlaipėda County890.442 km²
00146PalangaKlaipėda County2780.144 km²
00147PalangaKlaipėda County2461.558 km²
00148PalangaKlaipėda County4720.419 km²
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